Friday, January 16, 2009


I have hives. Not like a bee keeper or anything, but like the Elephant man, but bigger and on my chin.This is me after 17 coats of Mineral Foundation to cover the two heathens up...and they itch like a witch. I have no idea how a witch itches, but I am assuming pretty bad cause it rhymes and all.

The two big ones are below my lip... on either side...they are puffy. And I have four on my belly and two on my neck and forty eleven on my back. And that is all. WEIRD!

I did not eat dinner last night cause I was building Lego planes and bathin kids and washin clothes and bloggin...soooo it was not food.

I have not switched facial anything and I am using the same laundry I just can't figure it out. Maybe I am turnin in to a super power mutant. Like Bee Hive Girl. I would rather be Glitter Girl. That is all I am sayin. In case you have any influence with the Super Hero panel and all.

Anyhoo,on to more random facts.

This is Carla. And she is precious. And I work with her and love her and I think I might make us matching puffy paint shirts cause we have that kinda bond and all. And she said my hives are hardly noticeable. Then I showed her the ones on my back and she made a funny face and said "Ugh. Ewww."
That did not make me feel any better. I have rubbed benedryl cream all over myself like my mom use to put sun screen on me as a kid. So now I smell funny. And I ate three Krispie Kreme doughnuts in the lounge. So I am pretty sure I will be feelin better soon.
PS. The lonely one layin there all by itself was mine. It only has one bite out of it cause it is LEMON. I think lemon cream causes hives.

Thoughts? Have you ever had hives? What brings them on? How do you get rid of them? What will I look like tomorrow?


bekah said...

yes, macadamia nuts are my downfall...

they went away on their own, but first they spread out and covered pretty much my entire body...which was fun.

Karen said...

Since you don't have any appearant external causes, i'm thinking maybe stress as a cause. . . it can do crazy things. You haven't mentioned being stressed, but i'm thinking 3 kids, a move, a new job, etc. . .

Maybe you need more time at starbucks ;-)

hope you feel better. they really aren't noticeable.


Shelle said...

I get hives when I am emotionally or physically stressed. Lack of sleep will do it everytime.

I would have never noticed the hives on your face. I'm sure the ones on your back are driving you crazy. The benedryl should help.

BTW...I love Krispy Kreme lemon doughnuts!!


Scrappy Girl said...

Hope you figure out what is causing your hives...have you done any housework lately? That will definitely break ya out!

Anonymous said...

I would say NERVES.....since you haven't had anything different in the way of food or topical type stuff. Were the legos fresh out of the packaging??? maybe there was some funky coating/plastic in there. hhhmmm.......WM's dad had them really bad the arches of his feet, eyes swollen, he was a mess all over! never figured it either. Dr. put him on Tavist and they went away never to return. (well maybe but nothing like that time.)We did the whole food, laundry, soap, etc and never could pin point it. Oh, they do say parasites can cause you can really start freakin'.....I'm sure it's not that though. you'll be ok....just get a Danielle Steel book turn on Y&R, cold DP to sip on and you'll be fine.

super tweaky mel said...

Sorry bout those itchy witch hives! You look like a good witch though. I mean, you're still totally glam!

Your friend is cute - and I love the puff paint shirt thing - I remember those! HAHAHA - that pic is cute of you too!

So happy Friday!

vsmphotography said...

I have to agree with a previous comment. I get what we call the 'chives' when I'm stressed beyond reason. It's the way my body decides to deal with it... But, hey I used to get the 'worry warts' which made my hands look like i rubbed them in toad pee... so 'chives' is a step up.

Linda said...

I can only add that topical Benedryl has never worked for me. I have to take an alergy pill to stop the itching. And/or put a cool pack on your back. When I'm too warm they would itch even more. Feel better!
P.S. Have you tried wine yet? ;)

Anonymous said...

Could it be chickenpox or shingles?

Chris said...

I switched from the namebrand dial soap brand to the generic walmart 'dial' brand once. It gaved me hives.

Thankfully, I only washed my face with it so that was the only body part that let everyone know that I was elephant man's sister.

I had to take steroids (sp?) for the swelling/itch. After it went away, all my skin peeled off. It was like I had a chemical peel and my new skin felt soft like a babies butt....hmmmm, maybe I should of washed my whole body with it?

Dana and Daisy said...

I'm pretty sure it is caused by not courtesy flushing.

I notice Carla is wearing a scarf, like Edie and you and now me, too. And I think it is catching on.

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

OH MY GAWD CHRIS -- You have just gone where no woman has gone before..... Hi LARRY US!

we all agree.

Anonymous said...

Stress causes hives. Moving + new house + new job = HIVES!!

Molly said...

Maybe try a hydrocortiszone cream (hope I spelled that right)tonight. Hope you feel better, I just had my weekly fix at the Joann craft store so I'm good, have a fabulous weekend girl!!
~Molly P

Anonymous said...

oh, it's Meemaw again.....I meant to also say, Carla is cute and nice to meet you, Carla. (where's everyones manners??)lol

Geri said...

Krispie Kremes solve everything. You should be feeling awesome by now.

Jennifer in Mo said...

I am blog surfing and came accross yours. Can I just say that you and your friend Carla are both beautiful! To think you have hives and are still that pretty!
I get them too, on the inside of my legs (sorry tmi) I don't know what causes them, but they eventually go away on their own. I just have to try really hard not to scratch!

Marchelle said...

uhm... wellbutrin gave me hives. so it was either be a psycho-raving-mad-woman-lunatic-with-post-partum-depression-and-a-big-ol-bad-attidude-freak-nut-job, or be itchy. OR, switch to zoloft.

thank god for pfizer. that's all i'm sayin.

Marchelle said...

oh, and HI carla!!! does carla know she's been introduced to all of us? does she have a blog? cause we'll all be needin her blog address and her twitter name ASAP.

Sarah said...

While I agree that it is probably from stress. My kids get hives all the time, mostly Lulu and I know that they don't have any stress. So ???

But a Krispy Kreme will fix almost everything. Gotta love um!

Dysd Housewife said...

Hey just found your blog, will definitely come back, unfortunately, I got nuthin on the hives problem. :(

edie said...

This is all super-dee-duper official doctorly advice might wanna listen close.
1. If it's wet, dry it.
2. If it's dry, wet it.
3. If it itches, use steroids.
They don't call me doctor for nothin'.

I'll take my payment in chocolate iced Krispy Kremes.

Love the straight hair.

Are you super stressed out?

What kind of straightener do you use?

Lemon should never be mixed with KK's.

Steroids are your friend. And breathe. Deep. And get some sleep. And relax. And know we love you.

I love Meemaw.

That's all for now.

feather k said...

could they be BlogWarts? or is that something to do with Harry Potter...I dunno...but I do have my grandpa's honey collectin hat that he wore when we had hives...if ya need it...You're beautiful...don't worry bout 'em!