Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You Will Wet Your Pants

I have a million things to do tonight: laundry, unload the dishwasher, scrape the BBQ saucy of the pan from supper, lotion my feet, vacuum, clip my Twerps' toenails, put them in bed, clean out the fridge, or read my Bible. But you know what I am doing instead?

Going through the trunk in my bedroom? Why? Why? Cause I am feelin nostalgic. I have no clue if I even used that word right. But I am feelin like rememberin old times.

Here is the pic Eldest Twerp drew when we brought Baby Twerp home from the hospital. I am almost most certain someone MADE her draw this cause she was NOT the least bit excited about bringing another boy into the adobe. Then I found my wedding planner -- oh my goodness, I was so so so sappy.....and so in love. I could not WAIT to be married and I kid you not...there is a whole page dedicated to my signing my new name. Was I gonna do more of a swirl at the end or more of a scribble power signature. I decided to dot my "i" with a heart. I thought it said mature but still loving. Those were my words. Go ahead, I will wait until you stop laughin. There were my dad's baby shoes. My. dad's. baby. shoes. I am getting teary eyed.
Here is a pic of my mom and all her brothers and sisters. She was the end of ten kids. My Mamaw is holding her. One daughter died. I have no idea who is missing? Then I found my wedding bouquet and ...and...and.... Four years worth of journals. I journaled from the day I graduated high school until I finished college. And let me tell you -- hours of entertainment here people...HOURS!

Then I found my keepsake box from high school/college.
This was the first thing I pulled out. My sister-in-law and I were fixing my hair on my weddin day. In the curler pic we were in my bedroom. PINK! Surprised?
If only Indiana Jones would have seen me BEFORE the weddin. He woulda called Ma and Pa and headed for the hills. Lands to ocean I was a sight.
I have no idea what the significance of July 15, 1994 was. I just turned 18 a few days earlier and apparently this scripture really spoke to me. Or maybe I bought my first pair of designer shoes. No, I remember that.... Dec 27, 1995.Ha ha ha ho ho ho hee hee giggle giggle snort. This was apparently my little black book. Ha ha ho ho hee hee.... I was such a dork. Ah, this was one of my college sweethearts. I think he mighta broke my heart. Now he is married to a news anchor. I know. I know. I bet he breathes a HUGE sigh of relief everyday that we did not work out. I have no idea why I kept this other than I think he has really nice handwriting. And I remember I thought his mullet was hot. Here is my high school sweetheart and me ridin roller coaters. CG loves herself some roller coasters. What I find hysterical about this entire pic is:
1. It remember it was POURING down rain.
2. I have no idea who those guys are behind us.
3. My boyfriend was wearin a GUESS shirt so you can tell he was super dee duper cool and all.
4. I was wearin a poncho. Cause I was super de duper dorkie like that and all.This was him as a baby. I have no idea what it is about us women, but we must see baby pics before we can commit. I think it is our need to see how reproduction might turn out. It is in our genes and all to protect our DNA from turning out to be two headed with a roman nose.This. This is the necklace he gave me for some anniversary -- maybe our 2 week 2 day 2 hour 2 minute. Cause that was long term for us and all. And how sweet is it that he REMEMBERED? After I told Michelle to remind him between study hall and gym.
Ok. Get ready to wet your pants. Cause I did. At the hair. At the dress. At the bird legs. Seriously, can you see my ankles? NO they disappear case they were so small. This was my Junior prom. Lord have mercy on my soul.And my sorority pin that was given to me when I rushed. I waited a semester before I began sorority and all. Cause I was mature and concerned about my academic progress before any silly Greek organization. And I didn't find the flyer until November.
And the guy in the left hand corner of the pic? With is arms crossed? He was my BFF in high school and college. And we watched the presidential election of Bill Clinton together and I remember my disappointment in having to decide between an elephant or a donkey. I wanted to be a part of the unicorn and rainbow party - or the pink fuzzy heart with glitter party. He did not judge me. This is when I knew we would be best friends forever. And the journals?
I am only through my first year -- but I did find the page in which I could not wait 3 YEARS to marry IJ. Giggle.
And the list of Things I Want To Do Before I Turned 40....
#6?? Own a cell phone.

Oh my. I have to go read some more. Ya'll come back now, ya hear?


The author said...

Teehee! It's sounds exactly like all the boxes my mom sent home with me a couple of months ago, because she was tired of keeping my high school/college keepsakes. What fun treasures. I've enjoyed reading your blog!

vsmphotography said...

Nostalgic was used very correctly... This post was nice. Gave a little looksie into your life timeline... I'm afraid to look at old photos... eek!

vsmphotography said...

Nostalgic was used very correctly... This post was nice. Gave a little looksie into your life timeline... I'm afraid to look at old photos... eek!

Dana and Daisy said...

And now look at you! You grew up to be a very gracious and stylish author of a blog who people adore reading all the daily events of your life.

Not to mention a great mom to three great kids and the wife of one very lucky man!

edie said...

There are many things about this post that I need to discuss with you....not the least of which is your junior prom.....I can't take my eyes off those legs. And the journals....you have been a blogger from waaaay back. And the detailed paraphernalia. And. And. And.
But I really need to know what's on the list....well, besides the cell phone.
Love. It. All.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog!! I laughed right out loud at your prom picture! Where did your ankles and feet go?? Isn't it fun going through old stuff!! We need to see a blog of the list to do before turning 40!!!

~Uncle Trixie~

jill in mn said...

hahahahahh! i love it!!! thanks so much for sharing. i suppose i'll cringe and cry and laugh when i read my old journals too. anyway, loved this!!! share more pleeeeeeease!

XoXo Meg! said...

Oh sweetie! I loved this post! AND your legs, you make me feel good! I have always,always had skinny legs with no ankles! EVEN now, tha I am (ahem) over 40! YOu are so precious! I can't wait to read your list!

Jenn said...

What a great trunk of stuff!!

Vashti said...

Prom photo=100% amazing! I wish i had kept every thing, im just not that sentamental. My sister has gum wrappers from her 1st date and things like that! extreeme!

Marchelle said...

i am like so totally inspired to go thru my old high school stuff.. i am LOVIN your prom pic!! that is some GREAT hair!

Annette said...

You are not alone, that prom pic could almost be a mirror image of my senior prom! my dress was almost exactly like yours except it was white and the hair, we must have had the same idea, except I'am a blond! I rember the little clip ons for shoes, that had diamons or some sort of rhinestones and who could forget the choker necklaces! You have taken me down memory lane tonight! Bring on the Aqua Net and Bonnie Bell!!

Anonymous said...

oh I love this! I love going home to my mom's house and pulling out old boxes of goodies from "the good old days." that's usually what my best friend and I do when we go home to Michigan...raid the old closets full of stuff from way back when. Including all the horrible photos and crazy journals.