Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"99 Things I Wanna Do Before I Am 40" By 18 Year Old CG

So I found my journals from college and once I started reading them from when I was 18 and 19 years old. I realized that I. Was. A. Dork.

Some of my favorite quotes are:

8/15/95 "I think I need to become a stronger Christian. I hope God helps me."

8/20/95 FIVE days later. "I got a fake ID today"

7/15/95 "So, Robin, Lydia, Jamie, Bill, Steve, Chris, and Aaron are spending the night. I wonder what we'll eat for breakfast." Huh???

7/13/95 "I need some time to heal this precious heart of mine." Oh someone help. I am laughin so so hard!! Precious heart of mine???? I wonder if the sleepover helped?

7/11/95 "He is not really my kinda guy but I don't want him to not feel accepted so I guess we can hang out." SOMEONE SLAP ME SILLY!!!!!!!!!

4/22/95 "I mean seriously how much do people really ever look at a biology grade when you go to get a job?"

9/21/94 "Janette really likes Dan. I think I'll break up with him for her. I mean we're not really an item yet. That's how good of a friend she is!" WHAT?

7/9/94 "Today at work I was responsible for a lady in a wheelchair. I forgot I had her, and when I turned around she was gone. Never did find her." Hmm

7/3/94 "I want to be a missionary."

7/12/94 "I want to a bartender."

6/16/94 "Woke up at 11. Called Allison to see if she wanted to go shop. She like had to be at work at 6. That would not be enough time. Going back to sleep."

April 1995 - "People need to chill. It is not like I got a tattoo or have an STD." I like how I put those in the same category.

But the thing that had me gigglin all night was the list of

99 Things I Want to Do Before I Am 40.

Why 40? Cause in my 18-year-old mind "40" and "Before I Die" were synonymous.

But notice the name of the list. Then notice the total amount of items on the list. That is all I am sayin.

Read and laugh at me as hard as I laughed at myself.

99 Things I Want To Do Before I Am 40

  1. Find my soul mate

  2. Make a difference

  3. Visit Paris

  4. Kiss in the rain

  5. Adopt a baby

  6. Own a cell phone (giggle)

  7. Graduate (high goal here - just graduate)

  8. Floss daily (huh?)

  9. Have a beautiful wedding

  10. Spend more on my honeymoon than I should

  11. Make someone proud

  12. Understand myself

  13. Eat spaghetti in Italy (spaghetti? really???)

  14. Climb the Statue of Liberty

  15. Go to a Yankees game

  16. Live in the mountains

  17. Hike a mountain (kinda goes w/ #16)

  18. Go white water rafting (that's how I'll get down from the mountain)

  19. Shoot a gun (in the mountains?)

  20. Ski in Colorado

  21. Camp in Yellowstone

  22. Play the piano

  23. Watch a lightening storm from the ocean

  24. Go skinny dipping

  25. See Niagara Falls

  26. Make a three point shot

  27. Go to a championship game

  28. Coach a team (so so specific)

  29. Change someone's life

  30. Sky dive

  31. Cry til I can cry no more(why?? why not laugh??)
  32. Have babies

  33. Be someone's boss (how bout first GET A JOB)

  34. Let someone have the week off, just cause

  35. Eat sushi

  36. Eat caviar

  37. Look sophisticated (not BE sophisticated, just look it)

  38. Be sexy to someone (anyone will do)

  39. Dance and smile (like rub your belly and pat your head?)

  40. Have an open home (for sale?)

  41. Sleep under the stars

  42. Still have my real teeth (WHAT??)

  43. Catch a fish and eat it

  44. Hold someone as they cry

  45. Stay up all night cause I don't want a moment to stop

  46. Drive a convertible (shoulda said OWN)

  47. Sail a boat

  48. Lead someone to Jesus

  49. Forgive

  50. Vote for president of the United States

  51. Thank a soldier (why I married IJ)

  52. Have a briefcase (giggle)

  53. Host Saturday Night Live (SWEEEEET)

  54. Kiss at the Empire State Building

  55. Surprise myself (like a party?)

  56. Shake the President's hand (dead or alive?)

  57. Hold my lover's hand (huh?)

  58. Write a book

  59. Kiss someone I shouldn't

  60. Go to Australia

  61. Slide into home plate

  62. Wear a skirt shorter than I should (uhm, hello college)

  63. Wear a bikini on my 40th birthday (uhm, nope)

  64. Smoke a cigar (while in a bikini?)

  65. Listen to someone who feels unheard

  66. Always spend Christmas with family

  67. Say I'm sorry even if I'm not

  68. Give away more money than I can afford to

  69. Paint a house

  70. Go on a mission trip to Africa

  71. Fly in first class

  72. Have a best friend forever

  73. Be a best friend forever

  74. Pet an elephant

  75. Say yes if my heart tells me to

  76. Play in a famous rock band

I think 77 should have been: Finish this list before I am 40.

Oh Lord. I was something alright.

Which was your fave?


Jenn said...

I LOVE it!! I wish I had done something like that. I remember having a diary, but I don't know what happened to it. I wish I had kept some stuff like that.

Cynthia said...

I liked 'hold my lover's hand' because I'm trying to figure out how you'd even get to the 'lover' part if you hadn't so much as held hands. There are some gems there though.

I also found my college journal. Oh, the melodrama. Whoever said you should save your journals for posterity is nuts! I'd be so humiliated!

Nicole Mc said...

I'm picturing you literally scaling the outside of the Statue of liberty!! LOL This is great! Oh, and i had the same journal..the one with the bear in the window...ahhhhhh. Thanks for sharing!

feather k said...

I am so glad that we did #20 together and not #24...I am still cracking up at the breakfast comment...HI-larious...so glad that I didnt document my dorky-ness...cause Im sure there were some doozies... :)

~Mad said...

By age 40 - #12."Understand myself" - so profound.

I wish I understood MYself - and I am on the downside toward 60!

bekah said...

Still have my real teeth

Hahahahaha oh lord! I think MOST 40 year old have their teeth....I think.

Dana and Daisy said...

It occurs to me you have done most of them. I think they tell us just how sweet of a young girl you were, well, except the sleepover and fake id part, but we will forgive you for those.

I'd still like to go to Paris!

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

nichole mc -- I KNOW!!!That is the exact pic I had on myself too...like the moutain climber on price is right. I wonder if I would also yodel.....hmmm

maybe #78

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

feather k -- you have also done #44 FOR me....cause you love me and all

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

dana -- what about the kiss someone I shouldn't part////LORDY BE!

Linda said...

Oh you are a brave and confident Gril! I was such a dork. I started a journal and burned it almost weekly!

Christy said...

I had a diary, too. But I dont know what happened to it. I figure one of my sisters will whip it out to use for blackmail one of these days. Because,I, too was a total dork. Imagine that.

Lo said...

GIRL. you are so crazy! :) said lovingly, of course :) :) i love this list. but what i love the most? is how you say, 'i want to be a missionary.' then two days later, 'nah, i wanna be a bartender.'

i love that you shared this. you constantly reveal so much of yourself and i am so thankful for that. you are so REAL. that's why i love ya!!

feather k said...

and you have done #44 for me as well...just glad we weren't doing #24 at the same time... :)

Marchelle said...

i so wish i would have known you back in the day.

this is classic!

Sarah said...

Too funny, so how close are you to completing it? It makes me want to go find my journals, of course it scares me to find them & see what silly & crazy stuff I put in them.

But we were all young & naive once. I just wish we could be older, naive & still survive. Oh well.

Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including a cut by Eva Cassidy. She added the right touch to your "list of 99"


Dreams of a Country Girl said...

ah gramps -- you led me to her....have a beautiful day!!!!

Brandy said...

How funny! I have a box that has high school notes and pictures and things like that! It is soo funny to read them! Although I don't know if me and my friends have changed much! We are still pretty much dorks!

Tana said...

I think "Floss Daily" is my fave...all those lofty goals- missions in Africa, lead someone to Jesus, make someone proud, make a difference...and observe good dental hygiene! I guess "Floss Daily" was to help you achieve the one about all your own teeth! I also love 74. The world is full of neglected elephants!

Stacey said...

Oh this is so awesome - the fact that you have this is just so cool. Love the still have your real teeth - that is a good thing to want....

Jenny said...

That is too funny!! I guess my favorite is still having your own teeth at 40...I'm not sure why you would think you wouldn't.