Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ask CG: You Got Questions? I Got Answers. Probably

Oh yes my dear friends. I know, I know - what more could there possibly be out there that you don't already know. Well, did you know for example that I GAVE UP DR PEPPER? And cream in my coffee? Yes, I am going through the shakes and offering kids $20 bucks on the street for a sip, but I have been clean for 4 days. Hello, my name is CG and I am a Dr Pepper and half and half addict. Please don't judge me.

Maybe you wanna know why I gave it up. Is it Lent? Am I diabetic? Lactose intolerant? Looking for attention? Looking for love in all the wrong places? Ask me, I'll tell you.

Maybe you wanna know what's in my bottom dresser drawer, or my third dresser drawer, or my shoe closet, or underneath my sink. Just ask me I'll tell you.

Maybe you wanna know more about my job. Who would hire me, what is in my desk drawers, what the supply room looks like, what is my favorite office supply or how many steps is it between my desk and the bathroom. Oh come on. Ask me, I'll tell you.

Maybe you are wondering if I want another baby or the story of ET's adoption or how many stitches I had with MT or the TRUTH about breast feeding. Just ask me, you know I will give you the honest scoop.

You got questions? I got answers. I am an open book. Or is it I am a rock? Or I am a island? Or lend me your ear? It doesn't matter.

But if you got questions my dear friends, Ask me - I'll tell ya. Email me at

or comment me.

I love you all,


Jessica said...

OK, you promised...I'm trusting you'll follow through now matter what. I'd like to know the steps you take from having wet hair, until it's complete. Maybe you could do a tutorial video or something like that. I love your hair and even when mine was a that length, it didn't ever turn out that good. Please CG, do tell.

AD said...

Oh I've got a ton :)

What size curling iron do you use to make your hair look like that? And what products :)

Where in Southern, IN were you from? I'm from the east side of the state and roommates are from Princeton and Evansville so I was curious :)

What do you do in education? You're always getting to go to conferences so I'm guessing you're not a teacher :)

And sure, while you're at it lets hear the story of ET's adoption :)

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

you gave up doctor pepper because you can't drink wine and dr. pepper at the same meal and you can't give up wine. right?

Chris said...

All of the above? Mostly I wanna know why you gave up dr. pepper.

Dana and Daisy said...

I have so many. But I would like to know, what is your plan for getting your twerps through the teen years and keep all those pretty smiles on every one's faces?

And did you and your mom have the kind of close relationship that you have with ET?

I know I am getting personal. If you do not want to answer, then tell us, how many articles of clothing hang in your closet? And what's up with the dr. pepper?

Tana said...

i want to know if you found a church that you love going to?

Sally Pepper said...

Did you stop putting cream in you coffee bc it's fattening? Also the Dr. Pepper for the same reason? I am hopelessly addicted to coffee in my cream and to Pepsi, since we're baring our souls......

Tracie said...

I'm curious how your new job is going? What you expected, more than you expected? And how you juggle your job, IJ's job & 3 twerps?

I'd also love to hear about ET's adoption and your twist on breast feeding - since you brought it up! :)

Lo said...

how's the new job? anyone there you don't like? i don't like my job bc of one person and she makes it miserable here. it kinda sorta sucks the big toe.

ET's adoption??? duh i've been askin this FOREVAH.

also? the truth to breast feeding, uh, i thought you just... let it flow? is that too graphic? eep.

Jaime Mac said...

I want scoop on what the hell your job really is, ET's adoption & if you want more twerps!

Anonymous said...

ok....WHY oh WHY would ANYONE want to give up DP?????? if it's becuase you don't want the calories then switch to diet DP. It's good. Even the Arby's near us have diet DP. I'm really feelin' let down.....I drink water most of the time but you gotta have a DP when you go for fast food.....just not AMERICAN! lol

Debilou said...

guess i'm behind on something,, ET's adopted?? Well you gotta tell us now, you've peaked our curiosity.. about all the other things too!

Karen said...

Are you giving up Dr. Pepper lip gloss too?