Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You Had Some Fancy Questions; I Got Me Some of Them There Answers

Well Lordy Be -- you all are the cutest. I think I answered all of them -- even the emails are embedded in here somewhere. If I left you off holler and I will answer. The only thing I didn't tell you all about was ET's adoption story. Now don't go to frettin and getting your mascara clumping. I will tell you it all (and carefully Dad) tomorrow. It deserves its own post.

So I warn you...this is about as interesting as watching golf on Sunday afternoons. SO trust me -- go clean out your fridge. Wipe the lint trap out, clean out your garage or scrap the hairs off the back of the toilet. All of that would be expediently more interesting than this. Trust me, you were warned.

Jessica said...
OK, you promised...I'm trusting you'll follow through now matter what. I'd like to know the steps you take from having wet hair, until it's complete. Maybe you could do a tutorial video or something like that. I love your hair and even when mine was a that length, it didn't ever turn out that good. Please CG, do tell.

Oh you are too cute. I did an entire post on how I fix my hair -- I know. I am a geek. But I use Pantene shampoo and conditioner and a 1.5 inch curling iron -- Hot Tools.

Here is the hair tutorial -- please don't laugh.

AD said...
Oh I've got a ton :) What size curling iron do you use to make your hair look like that? And what products :)Where in Southern, IN were you from? I'm from the east side of the state and roommates are from Princeton and Evansville so I was curious :)What do you do in education? You're always getting to go to conferences so I'm guessing you're not a teacher :)And sure, while you're at it lets hear the story of ET's adoption :)

See above for hair details.

I grew up in a small farming community in Southern Indiana. We were across the river from Louisville, Kentucky. About 30 minutes west of Louisville (which is pronounced Luh-vul). I was born in Luh vul and very rarely crossed the river until I was in college. Anthony's By the Bridge was one of my favorite places. I wonder if it is still there.

The Kelso-Winter Family said...
you gave up doctor pepper because you can't drink wine and dr. pepper at the same meal and you can't give up wine. right?
You are wise beyond your years, Jane. Wise beyond your years. And I love you!

Chris said...
All of the above? Mostly I wanna know why you gave up dr. pepper.

Sally Pepper said...
Did you stop putting cream in you coffee bc it's fattening? Also the Dr. Pepper for the same reason? I am hopelessly addicted to coffee in my cream and to Pepsi, since we're baring our souls

Meemaw said...
ok....WHY oh WHY would ANYONE want to give up DP?????? if it's because you don't want the calories then switch to diet DP. It's good. Even the Arby's near us have diet DP. I'm really feelin' let down.....I drink water most of the time but you gotta have a DP when you go for fast food.....just not AMERICAN! lol

Ok. Let's all take a moment and remember we will not judge. We will not judge. We will not judge. Okay? You are lovers, not fighters.

I am cutting my calories. I do not think I am fat. I am not anorexic or bulimic or balsamic. I am desperate. I have a dress I need to fit into. And by "need" I mean NEED. I am not spending a kabillion dollars on a formal floor length gown when I have one in my just won't zip -- and I REFUSE to diet. So I am giving up little things. And then I will come back to them again. In a few weeks.

Dana and Daisy said...
I have so many. But I would like to know, what is your plan for getting your twerps through the teen years and keep all those pretty smiles on every one's faces?

What?? I am suppose to have a plan? I have no plan. that is my plan. I believe in flying by the seat of your pants. going with the flow. Loving and crying and making mistakes -- but more than anything savoring every minute of it. Cause when it is gone, you will never get that moment back. And oh how i hated diapers -- and now? Oh how I miss diapers.

And did you and your mom have the kind of close relationship that you have with ET?
Yes. Yes we did and yes we do. I remember coming in from dates and waking my mom up to see if she wanted to talk. My favorite person to shop with ? My mom. The first person I call when something amazing happens? My mom. The first person I call when something devastating happens? My mom. The best cook in the world? My mom. The best example of a servant's heart? My mom.

I know I am getting personal. If you do not want to answer, then tell us, how many articles of clothing hang in your closet? See that slate blue evening gown hanging there on the left -- that is why I gave up Dr P and cream. Amen.

This is my closet. IJ has his own. We are now able to live in peace. I do not hang up my cloths all the time - thus the stuff on the floor.
I also don't take the paper off my new suits and then I am all surprised when I find them....
Tana said...
i want to know if you found a church that you love going to?
We found one we went to several times, but nothing connected me. So, we are still looking. It is a really hard subject for me. Kinda like when you KNOW you need to be doing something but it is so uncomfortable for you that you do not want to even talk about it, can you relate? No? I was only kidding.

Tracie said...
I'm curious how your new job is going? What you expected, more than you expected? And how you juggle your job, IJ's job & 3 twerps?
I'd also love to hear about ET's adoption and your twist on breast feeding - since you brought it up! :)

Lo said...
how's the new job? anyone there you don't like? i don't like my job bc of one person and she makes it miserable here. it kinda sorta sucks the big toe. ET's adoption??? duh i've been askin this FOREVAH.also? the truth to breast feeding, uh, i thought you just... let it flow? is that too graphic? eep.

My job? I really love my job and I am growing into it daily. I honestly can't believe I got it and was not really qualified for it, but I am dedicated to making a difference and letting no one down - so I will work as hard as I need to in order to do it right. Because it deserves it.

I work for a non-profit education company that works to bring equity and access to high school students and college access and success. Basically I get high risk kids ready for and entered into college.

The part I play is in getting grant funding to schools. Usually high risk, majority minority schools. In other words - poor, black or Hispanic schools. I beg and cry for money. Because they need it and because there are savage inequalities. Savage. Right now I have been consumed with the Stimulus Bill and its implications on K12 and College Education.

I also steal post it notes and store them up in my bottom right desk drawer -- in case hard times hit. And those clips for large amounts of paper. I have a secret love affair with those clips.

There is no one I don't like. There are people that challenge my thinking -- and that is good. There are people that handle things differently than I would -- and they sharpen me.

Honestly, i am excited to go in every day. And I feel like I am valued and make a difference.

How do I juggle it? Oh Lordy Be. I don't know if I do it well. I take the kids to school in the morning. I pick them up. Indiana Jones is out of town 2 to 3 weeks a month. We try to work out schedules out so one of us is always home. On the occasion that we are both out of town the same night; we have hired a night time nanny -- Lorie. And I love her. Love, love, love her. She use to work at the boy's school and now does medical transcription from her home. She has an 8-year-old boy and is perfect.

Breastfeeding -- I can't believe I am going here. When I got pregnant there was never a doubt that I would breastfeed. Period. I read all the books attended all the classes -- saw more boobs than anyone should in their lifetime. I was ready. Then I had Middle Twerp. And he was 4 weeks early. And he did not know how to suck. I know. I know. WHAT? But we had to feed him through a tube and teach him to suck on our finger...and my milk never came in. Then, I started breastfeeding -- and let me just say -- there was nothing natural about it. At least not for me. I had no clue what I was doing. And I am a perfectionist and i felt like a loser. Then, it started to hurt. And when I say hurt, I don't mean like a hand nail or a sprained ankle or a pencil in your eye or an arm being chopped off. I mean like a vice laced in acid being clamped to your nipple. And then I bled and then I got mastitis -- or something like that. Then I ran a fever -- then I think I died. Seriously. Cause I do not remember the next 3 weeks. I just know I woke up and found formula on the counter - and it was like the light from heaven shown down on me and the angels burst forth in unison. Although I will say, for 4 weeks I walked around the house topless while I attempted breast feeding. And we had no curtains. The old men in the neighborhood were totally voting for me to continue breastfeeding. Amen.

Now that is just my experience. I know MANY woman who it was like chewing gum. And I secret hate them -- I mean admire them. And I will say this. If I ever get pregnant again. I will make it work. Amen. Probably.

Jaime Mac said...
I want scoop on what the hell your job really is, ET's adoption & if you want more twerps!
See above for job. I want more twerps -- at least one. Have not decided yet if I will birth another spawn or look at adoption again.

Debilou said...
guess i'm behind on something,, ET's adopted?? Well you gotta tell us now, you've peaked our curiosity.. about all the other things too!

I am going to tell the entire adoption story tomorrow in a post. It deserves its own post.

Karen said...
Are you giving up Dr. Pepper lip gloss too?
No. Let's not go getting all crazy girlfriend! A girl has to be able to live.


Jessica said...

I have finally met someone who felt the same pain as I did when breast feeding. Thanks for summing it up so eloquently! I think I too secretly hate all those women who feed like milking cows as if it were effortless. :) No really I'm glad for them but I tried it with both boys for 5-6 weeks and it was a no go! I however never got mastitis (or whatever), I think I died before that.

I am so glad you are working hard to make a difference with those schools. After watching something about it on Oprah I was disgusted with the enequality that's out there. You go girl!

Sorry I had missed the hair tutorial. I'm off to watch it. Thanks!!

Lo said...

girl, i think we're the only ones who blog late at night!! and btw love you. so. first off. i agree, ET's story deserves it's own post, if not it's own blog. she is amazing. secondly, breast feeding???? i will still try, but i'm scared. eep. i broke a bone in my hand and it hurt like the dickens. lordy be what it'll feel like breast feedin. but if it keeps baby happy, mommas happy. (right??) i had more to say and yet... i'm blanking. o yeah. i love that you have no 'plan'. bc really? life is against plans. it's 'fly by the seat of your pants and hope for the best'. it's the reason i am addicted to you. bc you're so real. i love you and your blog and if you ever stopped? i'd be crushed.

ahem. this is long. forgive me. i just really, really wanted to know about breast feeding. hehe. just kiddin. love you girlfriend, till the earth turns flat and then some.

Tracie said...

THanks for your answers! I always chuckle at all the peeps that want to know bout your hair. You're a hair role model! LOL

I breastfed both my girls for 9 months. It's hard! Those first few weeks, whoo mama! But after that, piece of cake or pie or whatever. But now 11 years later--sag sag sag! LOL

Dana and Daisy said...

that is a lot of shoes girlfriend. And your nipples were bleeding! OMG!

I never even gave birth, so this is all scary to me.

I love the adoption story. I'm going to link to it when you post it again. Cause I got nothin today, but also cause it made me tear up when I first heard it.

Lo said...

okay so upon further inspection..... you were mentioning to IJ that you needed new black heels.

i think i spy forty eleven black heels in there. why on earth do you need more? are they scuffed? falling apart? those are a lot of heels! and high too!

Tana said...

Thanks for sharing, CG. I do relate. I never could put it into words, but I think that feeling is what made it so hard to find a church the first year I was married.
And breastfeeding? My mama tried to warn me about how much it hurts at first but I didn't listen! Shame on me and for the first week or so I bled and cried.

Jenn said...

I feel your pain with breastfeeding. I had very similar experiences.....including the bleeding. It just was not meant to be. :( I don't even know if I have it in me to try again next time around. Time will tell.

Thanks for sharing!

J. Leigh Designz said...

I a girl who has an even better walk in closet then me LOL! Impressive!