Friday, March 27, 2009

The Internet and WWII

Soooooo, I picked Eldest Twerp up and was on the way to school when this conversation occurred:

"Mom, I am doing a group project in Social Studies and we had to come up with a topic by today."

"Oh really? What creative and witty idea did you come up with?"

"Okay mom. Get ready. Cause no one else will have this. We really thought hard. And I don't want to seem all braggy, but I am the one who had the idea."

"Oooooh, ET. Let me hear it."

"The Internet and WWII"

I have no come back for that.

"Well, Eldest Twerp. I like your way of thinking. I like how you try to bring together the past and the present to make things relevant. Good thinking."

"Yeah mom. That is what I was doing. And I thought I could I could use the Internet to do the research."

"Well, let's think about how we can BROADEN the Internet to maybe include more things. Cause you know even when I was a kid, there was no Internet."


Please excuse me while I go curse the very public school system I have dedicated my life to serving.

We are now doing "Technology and WWII" Cause she wants to make an atomic bomb. That's all. Thank you and good night.


Linda said...

bwahahahahaha! Oh and I thought I was OLD! Kids, ya gota love em!

Lo said...

bwahahahahahha i laughed out loud at that!!!!! oh lordy can't believe that she said that. snigger. snort. giggle. :)

Cynthia said...

Ack! My own kids think I'm ancient because I lived pre-internet. Just like I thought my folks were old because they remembered life pre-tv. I guess there is something like that for every generation.

Dana and Daisy said...

Good Ness!

Treasia said...

Oh I love it. Now your even older than I am. LOL.

Marchelle said...

ooooh boy....