Monday, March 30, 2009

Your Questions Answered - Cause I Love You And All

KinaBolina said... What are your views on Canada?
I have been there. It is beautiful Absolutely beautiful. Although it is REALLY cold. And I look better in summer attire, so I do not think I would live there. And they are neutral. I like neutral people. Who picks on Canada? NO ONE. Who does Canada talk bad about? NO ONE. I am just sayin, that is my kind of attitude.

I know you love cheese, but is there any circumstance in which you would turn down an offering of cheese? Please describe - hypothetically of course.
If it were moldy or if had been dropped on the floor and little hairs were attached. I would not eat it then. Unless I could pick them off. Probably.

Have you ever been mugged? If so, did your mugger end up becoming friends with you?
Nope. Never mugged. But I would like to think they would just ask me for money, cause I would probably give it to them anyway. IJ still yells at me to this day because there was a woman with 6 kids one time who asked me for $35 to pay her rent I HAD NO CASH ON ME, so I did what any responsible reasonable person would do: I wrote her a check. I think this was a fine solution. IJ? Not so much.

Multiple Choice or Essay tests?
Essay. Hands down. No question about it.

J said... If you won a million dollars, what would you do with and why?
I would do one of two things. Am I allowed to have 2 choices here?

1. I would change nothing. Tell no one and start making a list of people I could make a difference for. No one I am related to, cause no one I am related to really needs anything. No one I really know either. I would not quit my job, but I would listen more intently and seek people to anonymously make an impact. Maybe a single mom needs a home. Maybe a middle aged unemployed man need a float until he can find work. Maybe a special needs mother needs a home built to adapt to her families new needs. Maybe a husband needs some medical bills of his wife's paid. that is how I would make a difference. One person at a time. BUT! Here is the kicker. They would have to PROMISE to make a difference to someone else and tell me about it. If they needed money, I could help. And then that person would have to promise to help someone and so on and so on.....

2. I would change nothing. Go back to night school to become a Physician's Assistant. I would hire a personal tutor and pack my famiy up and move to Africa. I would then start a school and provide basic medical needs for families. IJ would build wells, lead people, and save souls. Cause thats what he does.

3. Please don't make me choose.

Brandy said... Obviously we all know your kids as ET, MT, and BT. And obviously you are pretty used to calling them that when you write. Do you ever accidentally call them that in real life?
Nope. Not yet.

*J said... Favorite sports announcer?
Okay -- I actually have three.
1. Bobby Knight - he just started but he is goooood. As he is with everything.
2. Bob Costas -- he works with my nonprofit company to provide scholarships for teachers. And I have met him in person and he really does have a heart for people.
3. Holy Cow? Holy Cow? The glasses? The personality? The chuckle? Harry Caray

ptamom3 said... Discipline tactics please??
I love the book Love and Logic by Jim Fay. I have been to all the classes and taught the courses. I am a firm believe in logical consequences for your child while the price tag is still affordable. It is affordable when they are 8, 11, 14, and even 17 -- but not when they are 32 and bankrupt or 23 and in jail. Amen.

Secondly, my favorite is I refuse to argue. Period. I go brain-dead. And I truly believe in the consequence fitting the crime. Let me explain.

I say my request one time and one time only. Then when the whine starts, here is an example:

"Clean your room"

"Mom, I always have to clean my room"

"Probably so" (This is my braindead saying. Some have "bummer" or "That's so sad." You pick)

"You never make the boys clean their room"

"Probably so"

"No one else has to clean their room on Saturdays"

"Probably so"

"I am Cinderella trapped in an 11 year old body waiting for the doom and despair of life here in hell to pass."

"Probably so. Let me know when you are done." (Insert smile and kiss)

Insert three hours later when no room is clean and someone goes downstairs to play the Wii.
Insert mom walking in and turning off the TV.
Insert sigh and whine and rolling of eyes and gnashing of teeth.

"Feel free to play the Wii when your room is clean Sweetie."

"You are the cruelest mother alive."

"Probably so."

Insert slamming of bedroom door.

Insert mom going to the garage.

Insert mom taking ET's bedroom door off the hinges and removing it until further notice.

Hypothetically speaking of course.

Did you ever think of modeling?
Ha ha ha hoo hoo hoo hee hee giggle giggle snort. I love you. I want to marry you and have your babies. Amen.

Any more twerps on the horizon?
I think one more.

Will BT learn to swim this season? I know you must be hoping!
If I were a betting girl, no.

zena said... How do you get your hair so bouncy and Cosmo-girlish? We (seem) to have the same length and texture, but my hair will go flat and curless about half and hour after fixing it.
I tease it and use Pantene hairspray. I have coarse hair. I also only wash it like every three days, unless you are judging me. Then I was totally kidding.

Via Email
Do you have any advice for strong willed women how to influence their husbands and help lead him to the right decision without, you know totally emasculating him and all? I mean Indiana Jones sure seems like the leader and all, but we know, you are not a mousy chick and a door mat, so shed some light on this for us less intelligent ones, what do you do when you know you know something he needs to know but if you tell him he will just turn the other way and decide something totally different than you think is best, and sometimes he might even do it just to spite you? Can you help a girl out with those kind of issues? Hypothetically speaking?

First, even if you think he has just made the stupidest remark or his thoughts are about as retarded as they can possibly be -- NEVER SAY IT IN PUBLIC. EVER. In front of his friends, he is the smartest most amazing man you have ever met. Period.

Secondly, I always stop and think, is this really what is BEST in this situation or really what I want? If I can take my selfishness out of the equation and still really feel my thoughts and opinions are valid. I wait. Cause I am an emotional gal. And if I speak right then, I will flub it up.

Thirdly, I ask questions. I never say what I really think. I ask questions to make him think about it. In a NON THREATENING kind of way. Let's say IJ thinks we should paddle the kids every night before bed cause they have probably done something bad that they got away with anyways. And I think we should use shock treatment. I would say something like.

You know at the end of the day, I truly want what is best for the Twerps and I know you do too. I appreciate how you helped me last night with them and paddled them for me. I just hate doing that and it means a lot that you stepped up and took the leadership in that. What do you think I can do to be better at disciplining?

Insert IJ telling me I am a patsy.

"I know. You are right. I just stop at the end of the day and think about the affect of my actions on them. I want to always show them love first and correction secondly. Do you think we are doing a good job at that? Do you think we would be more effective if we used shock treatment?"

I also pick my battles. I let little things go. Big things I will hang on to. And honestly, there is only about one big thing a year -- like living in the ghetto. Hypothetically speaking.

Do you and Indiana Jones ever dream about living on a farm someday?
Yes. Yes. And Yes. Me? Daily.

From email
I am about 5 weeks from graduating with my degree in English Education from the the same University you obtained your Masters Degree . If I remember correctly you used to teach in Oklahoma. Anyways, my question is about finding a job. Do you have any tips for the application process? Any hot tips for an interview? And contacts that you could pass my way? : ) We are actually making a move to the Tulsa area over the I will be looking for a position (hopefully middle school) up that way. I am so nervous about this part of the journey, but let's be honest I need a job! Any advice, help, info you can give, I would be honored to take! I could go on and on, but I'll stop there!

Oh honey. I am on a roll. Sit back and wish you NEVER asked.

1. I use to be an assistant principal and taught 6th grade for 6 years. I also worked at the OK DOE. I llloooovvvee education.

2. In an interview, I looked for four things in a teacher. I would ask questions multiple ways to find out these four things. Every school is different. So these will be different for each are mine:

A. Team Work: I want to know you are comfortable and independent to take on your own challenges, but I also want to know you will die to your self to work as a team for the better of the school. You will bring creative ideas to the table, but of course you will listen to the wisdom of the team and fit into the niche. Your goal is to make things smooth and transitional in the process.

B. Parent Communication: this is VITAL to me. Communication does not happen by accident but only through preparation and intentional planning. what is your process of keeping parents up to date and informed? Is there such a thing as too much parental communication? NO NO NO! I want parent emails, newsletters, random calls for GOOD THINGS, signed tests, grade checks, open door policy, parent volunteers, blah blah blah. I LOVED community involvement. Have a plan. Work your plan/

C. Classroom Management: Can you control your class and thus maximize time on task for the students? Have a plan. Give specific examples. Nail this one. BE SPECIFIC

D. Pedagogy: I wanna know that you DIFFERENTIATE and how you do it. Read How To Teach Gifted Kids In the Regular Classroom by Susan Winebrenner. This book changed my life. Implement these strategies during your student teaching and refer to them. Give me specific examples. Let me know you KNOW your students and are attached to them and at the end of the day -- it is NEVER too much work to teach a child. NEVER. Have a sample lesson ready to share.

I am gonna ask you to share a success. BE CONFIDENT. I am going to ask you to share a failure.....TELL ME HOW YOU LEARNED AND TURNED IT INTO A SUCCESS.

Dress like a superintendent. Wear a jacket and pants. If you wear a skirt wear hose and have it BELOW THE KNEE Forgo all apple attire. Amen.

Have some student work samples

Have a resume, transcript, and some leave behinds in a PROFESSIONAL NICE packet for each interview member. Have the first page have your contact info on it. I had these professionally done at KINKOS. It cost $60 but it shows I am professional and care about the job.

To get an interview you ARE NOT going to be able to put in an application at the central office and sit back and wait.

Print off a spreadsheet of all schools -- not the ones you wanna work at BUT ALL SCHOOLS. Do Tulsa, Jenks, Owasso, and Broken Arrow. Print out the school name, principal name, secretary name, and a blank box for contact. GO SEE EACH PRINCIPAL WITH A RESUME AND A REQUEST for time to sit down and share about yourself. You will see maybe 30%. BE NICE TO THE SECRETARY. I saw no one unless my secretary approved. Period. Go to elementary (if you are certified), and high schools. TAKE WHATEVER. Network. NETWORK. NETWORK.

After the visit call back in 2 DAYS and follow up. DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP!

Tulsa Public Schools will be receiving almost $17 million in Title I funds. These go to schools with at least 40% free and reduced lunch students. That means schools that are low socioeconomic schools will have funds to hire more teachers. Capitalize on this. say no to nothing. Also, Owasso and Broken Arrow will be receiving Stimulus Title I funds. Jenks will, but much less ($608,000). Go after it. Be aggressive.

Let me know if you want more. I can ramble all day about this. I will also be happy to look over your resume and cover letter if you want.



Linda said...

WOW! Those were good questions and fantastic answers!

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints said...

You are beyond funny. I love your discipline style. I actually need to incorporate a little more of the no arguing" into my own. And I love your answers to winning the money and how not to emasculate your husband... I just love your humor. You are a girl after my own heart.

Shelle said...

Regarding Canada...
They serious need to take back all of their geese!!! There will be WWIII if they continue to poop on everything in the state of NC!

Anonymous said...

As a parent with a disabled child, I found your remark about "retarded thoughts" kind of insensitive, though you probably didn't mean to sound that way. I'm also probably hypersensitive. I was also offended by President Obama's remark about the Special Olympics. What were your thoughts on his comment?

I'll climb off my soapbox now.

Donna said...

I'm impressed with your email answer. That was very kind of you to help this person out like this. I read your blog several times a day, but don't always comment, but I love your blog.

Dana and Daisy said...

I am so humbled by your response to the leading husband question. Who ever wrote that has a lot to learn about how to be a wife! hee hee!

Also, tell the new teacher moving to tulsa to look me up when she gets here. I don't bite. Not hard anyways. Unless apparently if you are my husband and I think I know more than you do on any given subject.

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

annon -- you are NOT hypersensitive. i was insensitive. please accept my apology. i was wring and although it was NOT my intention at all, it was hurtful and wrong.

Sally Pepper said...

You gotta love Canada, even with those darn geese! By all means,Send them back -- that'll mean it's spring!

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

also, my thoughts on pres obama and the spec olympics.

i can see how it was insenstive, but i think you have to look at a presons intention and their heart. i believe without a shadow of a doubt that he has nothing but love and respect fro spec needs kids and his comment, while not thoughful, was not meant as an insult to anyone other than himself. we all make silly is the heart that counts.

KinaBolina said...

Thanks for answering all those questions silly and serious alike; they were a joy to read!
And...hairy cheese...EWWWWWWW!

Jaime Mac said...

How goes it w/ the ball gown you gave up Dr. Pepper for?! I know "you ask, I answer" is over, but what-eva!