Friday, April 17, 2009

The Boss With the Hot Sauce

Soooo, my girlfriend and I got all gussied up to go see The Boss - Live. I mean seriously, even if you think Bruce Springsteen is no longer in his have to respect The Boss -- everyone knows his songs...his sound...his ability to tell the story of the working man. He is a legend. And I love him. So I flew a kabillion miles back to the motherland of Oklahoma to see my main squeeze perform live. And I was feelin all young and hip and cool...untilI looked over and releazed a baby born in 1988 could be in the bar that we were being young and hip and cool at. 1988. That's when Jimmy Swaggart confessed on TV and cried and I cried that morning with him getting ready for church and all. In 1988, Die Hard with Bruce Willis opened up....and Prozac was introduced. All in all, it was a good year. I was 11 and 12. And I was in the 6th grade. And I let my hair grow out and didn't make cheerleader - the only year I didn't cheer - my life knew no meaning. Amen. Anyhoo....1988 - I no longer felt young and hip and cool. But I did a toe touch. To honor 1988 and all.But then we arrived at the BOK center for The Boss...and for THREE hours I was transfered to a place between heaven and bliss. Kinda like shoe shopping, but with an ipod. And I danced and sang and screamed an whoo hooed and laughed and cried and danced and danced and my heels. Just keepin it real. Here is the HANDWRITTEN songlist for the night. Written by THE BOSS HIMSELF. I know. I will give you a moment. He started off with Badlands. Great Song. Great intro. Got us up and movin. Excellent choice Mr Spring. Then he did some goodies and some weird ones. Ya know, they always do.

Then he left and we all Bossed a little and he came back. No seriously, even if you are not a Bruce fan.....he has a couple songs that EVERYONE knows....EVERYONE....what are they?

>>>>>>>>>>this space left blank for answering>>>>>>>>>>
carry on amongst yourselves

YES -- that is correct. Larry, tell them what they won.

Everyone knows Born in the USA and Glory Days. My personal two favs from The Boss Man Himself are: Glory Days and Secret Garden (name that movie).

And please notice the list above.....NO GLORY DAYS. It is like Michael Jackson with no Thriller or Madonna with no Like a Virgin or Milli Vanilli without Blame it in the Rain. Kinda.

But how could he come to me like that for THREE hours and not give me Glory Days?????

Bruce, I still love you. But I think it is best if we do not see each other again. Unless you call. Or write...or email...or sky message me. Or even telepathically think about me. Then I will cave. Amen.

Soooo, if you could pick ONE artist and ONE song to hear live...who would it be and what song?

You tell me yours, I'll tell you mine.


zena said...

Very Cool-my BIL is from New Jersey and The Boss is his idol. About four years ago he met him at a gym in Jersey and the ended up working out together. My BIL is a former bodybuilder and that was his dream come true.

My song? I'd give anything to see The Who play Baba o'riley.

Ranch Diva Rachel said...

"Secret Garden"??? - "Jerry Maguire"!!!!! And I wept a little everytime the radio played the mix version with the song and the lines from the movie. 'Cause I am sappy.

Jaime Mac said...

I believe the movie is Jerry Maguire - which starred my man Tom Cruise...before he went all nutso & jumped on Oprah's couch...what a waste!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

I love the BOSS almost as much as my wine.

But I have never seen him in concert :(

J said...

um, CG, I do not pink puffy heart with glitter love the Boss...I don't even remotely like him. Sorry, please forgive me. I. Just. Can't. Like. Him.

Guns & Roses, Sweet Child of Mine.

Lo said...

aw, i'm jealous. even tho i'm not a die hard fan, oh lordy be, i would love to see him!!!!

TORI AMOS. hands down. i even have a tattoo dedicated to the lady. probably... her cover of teen spirit. or take to the sky, which is what i have written on my back... beautific song. she is kick ass live. seriously. google her! crazy woman, but dang she's soooooo good.

oh. and i will attend a jimmy buffet concert before i die. it's a must.

.Keli. said...

I'm going to have to go with J on this one. I can't want (as my cute cousin says) to like the Boss. His voice just doesn't get it for me and it actually makes my own throat hurt horribly. I'm sorry. Please don't hate me.

I would LOVE to see the Eagles sing I Can't Tell You me of course, all alone by myself.

The Unconventional Doctor's Wife said...

U2! I love U2 but my hubby, Doc...LOVES U2. I think he might even love them with sugar on top. They are touring this fall. I joined the U2 fan club and paid 50 dollars so I could get presale tickets for Doc and I to go to the show because...wait for it...they are doing a show in the homeland. That's right CG. YOUR homeland. Oklahoma. Norman. Can you even believe it?! So October 18th will be the best day of my husband's life (next to our wedding day and the birth of our children, I'm almost sure) and I will seal my place as THE. MOST. AWESOME. WIFE. EVER. (to my husband.)

Anonymous said...

Oh I was a total Seattle grunge baby, and I could listen to Eddie Vedder croon the alphabet and be a happy girl.

Treasia said...

My song would have to be Bon Jovi singing (all alone to me)Bed of Roses. I would literally melt into a big gob of goo.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

First time reader and I love it!!!What a great blog you have going here lady!! I followed you over from another blog.....I hope you don't mind.
Prince and I went to see Big Bruce The Boss at Phillips Arena in Atlanta 2 years ago and we were dancing in the aisles.U-2???? If they come here we're soooo going.
If you have a moment or two of your life that you'd care to waste, please visit me at my blog and say hello.
Take good care and......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Pony Girl said...

I loved that scene from Jerry MaGuire! I need to rent that movie, it's been years.
I don't know if I could pick just one artist and song! I'd have to think about it. But probably something by George Strait or Dave Matthews.

Christine said...

Bon Jovi Bed of Roses. Seen it twice and it's always amazing.

Tracie said...

I graduated HS in 1988 - Good year!!

feather k said...

was song #12...listed as the ?...his solo to you while you were on stage?

Anonymous said...

Me and mom are going to see U2 in God's country, Norman, OK!!!! can't wait!!


Anonymous said...

Well, eldest daughter..I can't want the boss either.....never been a fan but sounds like you had a wonderful time and that's all that matters right??lol I could do some CCR, CSN&Y or even be happy with an evening with some Skynard....I think the dad MIGHT actually be considering the Buffet concert w/WM & Mr.Clean! I've seen Eric Clapton with Keli, Marchelle and my sister and would do that again.

Marchelle said...

no seriously. he didn't sing glory days? i would ask for my money back. that is sacrilege.

garth brooks - friends in low places.

don't judge.

Just MeMe said...

I am gonna post my answer to the Secret Garden question before I read anyone elses comments.

Jerry Maguire. I ♥ that movie!!

Spanky and I just watched it a few weekends ago.

Good song, even though I am not a real big boss fan.

I know, I know, the shame. Please forgive me.

Just MeMe said...

Dang it. I didn't finsh reading your post before I commented. I was so excited that I knew the movie, I stopped reading.

Okay, now that I have finished, I would love to see Garth Brooks sing any song

I have seen him in concert three times. I cannot wait till he tours again, even if we are all too old for concerts by then.