Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random Updates Cause I Think Someone Might Care

Well, I have forty eleven posts to do and I am choosing to post about random facts of useless information instead. I have posts waiting in my drive for Oklahoma fires, Feather and Mexican, Bruce Springsteen's actual HANDWRITING (please don't faint), the BEST recipe for French Onion soup - EVER from Chef Boy R Bert, and a random man who could be my grandpa that thinks I have a nice butt - so I had my picture taken with him cause these events only occur once in a lifetime.

But instead of posting these, I am sending you a pictureless update. Cause I am random like that. And I am tired. And I am BUSY BUSY BUSY. But I will always make time for you, and Brothers and Sisters and Desperate Housewives and wine and Mexican. Amen. Not necessarily in that order. But YOU all would always be in the top ten. Always.

Okay, let's get started shall we?
  1. I found a new hairdresser in the Deep South. And while I will always love and cherish Sheena Hair Goddess in Oklahoma, I have to realize my life is taking a different path and I must now embrace Karen. And let me say, I think this is the start of a beautiful relationship. Amen.
  2. I am flyin to Texas today. I wuv me some Texas. Cause I have Texas hair and all.
  3. I pulled a muscle in my arm and their is a knot and I whine to IJ all the time and he rolls his eyes and looks at his knee which had just received an ACL transplant and major surgery. Whatever, a pulled muscle hurts too.
  4. I ate Mexican last night for dinner and I had it 5 times in Oklahoma. Burp. Although in the Deep South it is Latino.
  5. I am the Native American representative for our company at a conference this spring. I think it is cause I lived in Oklahoma for 11 years. HELLO!!! But now I want an Indian name. Cause I always wanted one when I was a kid. And the guy in the office next to me said I should be called "Random Talker Girl" Whatever. He is from Cuba. He obviously does not understand my Native American roots.
  6. I can now fit into my dress for the ball. But the Air Force ball came and went. And we did not go. Cause I was in Boston....or NYC. And IJ was hurt. Have I mentioned I have a pulled muscle??
  7. My blood work came back.
  8. All my levels were normal.
  9. Now we are awaiting the ultrasound.
  10. I swear if I am one of those people who have my own twin growing in my throat, I am TOTALLY blogging about it. And I bet she is Native American.
  11. I bought 3 of the CUTEST new jackets from Georgiou in Oklahoma City - cause I miss her like nobodies business in the Deep South.
  12. I planted flowers at my house this weekend.
  13. And guess what happened??
  14. YES! I pulled a muscle.
  15. In my arm.
  16. And it is swollen.
  17. Kinda like my neck
  18. But not.
  19. Bakugan is overtaking my home.
  20. And I do not understand it.
  21. But I think it is the new Thundercats.
  22. But without the coolness.
  23. I will always be a Thundercats follower. Amen
  24. And She Ra.
  25. By the Power of Grayskull!!!
  26. I am sorry.
  27. I digress.
  28. I have a plane to catch.
  29. I love you all
  30. PS I pulled a muscle.


Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Bakugan already over took my house...I still have no idea what they are or why the kids like them.

Oh and I am so waiting on the Boss post...come on already...I know you are busy and all but come on already!

Have a safe flight and I hope your arm gets better soon :)

Queen of the Misfits said...

OMG. Bakugan has been totally living at my house for around a year now. They never leave! Everywhere I look I see one of those angry creatures!

.Keli. said...

Um, I just want to know if your arm hurts and if your twin IS growing in your throat, will she be called NG and will she have a blog as funny as yours??? I'm not a fan of the Boss, cuz of his raspy throat thing but I'll read about him, I heart Mexican food, have fun in TX and I always wanted to be an Indian girl with a cool name like Princess Isoneedthis.

Bonnie said...

Ok so maybe this is in your throat... :-)
If so, we are in the market for a nice fir for near the front door if you can hold onto it for a few more months Hohoo haha hee hee I crack me up

Marchelle said...

get some ben gay for your arm. heeheehahahahgigglegigglesnort.

i am lovin me some BOSS and when we come down in a few months we will listen to Glory Days over and over and over and over and do the "WOO!" part in unison. it will be our anthem.

hope you enjoyed the little vacation! ;)

KinaBolina said...

Ugh, pulled muscles are the worst! I took a nap on the couch on Saturday and couldn't move my head to the right for three I looked ridiculous rotating the entire top half of my body. I felt like a mannequin.

Keli - Hahaha, I love your princess name!

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine didn't know what Bakugan was - went into a toy store asking for a "taco gun!"

I could eat mexican food every day of my life.

Kids' preschool teacher says your Indian name must be an animal + a describer word.

Anonymous said...

I am sitting here laughing uncontrolably!I can't beleive I almost forgot about the thundercats,and by the power of Grayskull. How dare I. I think I'm going to find some old VHS of Thundercats, make my boys watch it, and totally make them cool again.

Farmgirl Paints said...

See I knew you'd be fine. Except of course for the pulled muscle. Have fun in Texas:)

Dana and Daisy said...

I just wanted to tell you I was in Norman today, visiting baby payton, and afterwards, I ate at Ted's Cafe Escandido. Have you ever eaten there? OMG! They bring you all this free food first, then they bring your lunch, which mine did not come on the light menu, oh, my bad! AND THEN! they bring you complimentary sopapillas!

Lord help me!

Okay, praying for you arm, too.

Dana and Daisy said...

p.s. I think your indian name should be Running Fawn.

J said...

Ok, #10 has me totally cracking up and I can soooooo relate to 19-25. They did a remake of He-Man about 7 years ago, and it was totally not as good as the first go round. I'm just sayin'.

Tana said...

you know you can watch thundercats on youtube, because they are STILL the coolest ever. no dog would dare to eat lion-o or cheetarah, but those little round bakugan? they look like snacks to my dog.

feather k said...

did you say you found feathers in your mexican food? dont you forget about all the craziness at starbucks...gotta love okies... :)...I already told you what your indian name is...and it's official...because i already have an indian name...and i said so :) xoxo

feather k said...

to dana and daisy...yes...Teds is a gift from the mexican gods...whatever that means...but it is mucho good-o...