Monday, April 13, 2009

I Am Wearing A Turtleneck Forever and Other Lose Ends I Must Tie Up For The Goodwill of Mankind

Sooooo, I had a doctor's appointment today in which I was just getting a physical. Ya know, a routine check up. As in I should be on my merry way within an hour with no worries. But right after they gave me my tetanus shot (I KNOW, RIGHT?), they started hmmmming and huhing and mmmmmming at my neck. And then they said...You have a nodule in your throat.A what? Like angel hair and penne and bow tie? In my throat? Uhm well, maybe. It could be. Possibly.But then she started talking about how fat my neck was and how swollen and huge and ginormous and like Andre the Giantish fat. And I was all like WHAT? So she is sending me tomorrow to get an ultra sound of the noodle nodule in my neck. Until then I will be wearing a turtle neck.

On a separate note or notes...let me tie up some loose ends to help you all have calm sleep induced nights with healthy shut eye. Soooo, to answer all your questions:

1. When IJ told me to meet him after work and he gave me an address only? It was a hotel (sorry mom) and I took no pics.

2. Babies, births, and pregos - I found out not everyone is as open with their life as me. I shoulda asked first. Sooooo, I am sorry, but mum is the word.

3. I like fried taters....crispy.....from a cast iron skillet.

4. I peed my bed in high school cause I dreamed I was water skiing and no one would notice.

I must go now....I can barely see cause of the ginormous nodule.


J said...

Glad you survived the tornado and that IJ is recovering well. I'll be praying for you and hopefully the nodule is nothing.

Take care! Oh yeah, thanks for the advice about the teacher situation. Your suggestions have been implemented and I now am receiving almost daily emails from her on Jake's performance.

Jenn said...

I will keep my fingers crossed that the "noodle" is nothing serious. Glad IJ is on the mend and was a good sport about going out with the kids!!

Dana and Daisy said...

I kind of figured the preggo said shut yo mouth girlfriend.

Uhm, okay like not to scare you, but yes, my former MIL had a thingy on her throat too, and she had it surgically removed, it was benign, but i think she had to take thyroid medicine for ever after that. I'll be praying for you CG.

You and IJ are a cute couple. :)

Pony Girl said...

Okay, I see nothing wrong with your neck in those pictures!?
But I had to go look in the mirror and make sure I didn't have a "noodle", too! ;) I always get a swollen lymph node on the right side of my neck when I get a bad cold virus. I swear it feels like a golf ball, I can push on it and roll it around. It goes away after I'm over the cold. I'm sure you will be fine!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

I can't see anything on your neck....but if you say it's there then I know it's there.

It will all be fine :)

Shelle in NC said...

My grandmother had a large portion of her thyroid removed about 15 years ago. She has to take an iodine pill everyday for the rest of her life. That's it. And no, she didn't get fat. She's still weighing in at 117 pounds.

Try not to worry! Everything will be okay. have a great neck for turtlenecks! Mine is way to stubby.

Lo said...

er, your neck looks like my neck, or, my neck looks like your neck, or, maybe we all have alfredo in our throats?? eep. tho to my credit i do have to take thyroid medication, so maybe that causes all the pasta throat thangs? i'm so confused.

also? a hotel? heee. hehehehe. i'm such a child :) hehehee.

oh and number 4? you did? oh my goodness, you are hilarious for even sharing that. you have cajones sister.

Linda said...

Always good to get these things checked out. Probably nothing. Good to see IJ "up" and around.

Robyn said...

Try not to stress over it...they found 2 nodules (VERY LARGE) in my husbands thyroid last Octpber. After lots of stress and crying on my part turns out they were benign!! They are SUPER common, supposedly most people have them and never know it!

Anonymous said...

You know, Linda, really shouldn't post about IJ being "up" and around after hearing that he took you to a hotel. That's just wrong.

Carrie said...

I love visiting you! Your neck looks just fine to me! Hope all is well! I'll say a little prayer for your noodle tomorrow!

Carrie said...

I love visiting you! Your neck looks just fine to me! Hope all is well! I'll say a little prayer for your noodle tomorrow!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Are they crazy or something? I can't see anything in any of those pictures you put out there and you did put out quite a few;) I will pray it's all good for you tomorrow!

KinaBolina said... I blind? I can't see it? I've enlarged all pictures and still....NUTHIN!
All this talk of noodles is making me hungry.
xoxo Caroline

Anonymous said...

With such a beautiful face & hair who cares about your throat!
Unless you pointed out the nodule in is hard to see. As far as I remeber from my class, the thyroid nodules are more prominent during swallowing. your pictures should be used as illustration for AACE recommended thyroid neck check exam.

Dana and Daisy said...

could you give us an update on this CG? I am wondering what the latest is. Love you!

The Cat and the Cabbage said...

Hi, I'm a complete stranger that stumbled onto your blog when I typed "neck fat" into google and your blog popped up under google images. I read your post and then scrolled down to see where the music was coming from. I think you have great music taste, a cool blog, and you're pretty beautiful. I just thought it was really funny that this blog popped up when I typed that in and wanted to leave you a comment.
Happy blogging!

p.s. We listen to the same artists, and I'm listening to songs on this list that I haven't heard before. Awesome.