Monday, April 13, 2009

IJ - An Update. Cause You All Care.

Okay, here is the deal on Indiana Jones and his surgery. As you know, IJ tore his ACL and partically ripped his MCL playing basketball almost a month ago. He finally got into surgery Friday. Above you will see a pic of him at almost 8 pm Friday night. He had been out of surgery for about 15 minutes. The total procedure was suppose to take an hour or two at most. It took over 5. That is all I am sayin about that.

Anyhoo, I picked him up from the surgery and we went to get his legal drugs -- and there was a tornado headed our way.
So, the drug store was not all too happy about me being there. I was all like "Don't you even. I will so go crazy on you cause I have been in a waiting room for 5 hours with three Twerps and you have not even seen crazy yet. mmmmkay?" And then I smiled. And winked for good measure.
And drove to Panera Bread to get soup so IJ would not have to take his pain pills on an empty stomach. He remembers none of this, but trust me - I was a good wife.
Then Saturday morning came and much to Baby Twerp's joyous surprise, we had to miss swim lessons.
But there was no way we could sit int hat house another minute. So I thought and thought....And then I said, "IJ, let's get Rollin', rollin', rollin' Though the streams are swollen Keep them dogies rollin' Rawhide! Rain and wind and weather Hell-bent for leather Wishin' my gal was by my side. All the things I'm missin', Good vittles, love, and kissin', Are waiting at the end of my ride ...." And he started cryin so I stopped and he gladly loaded in the car and we went to....
MONKEY JOES. which is like Chuck E Cheese - but minus Satan. Cause you can sit in one location and see the whole room and there are no demon infested machines that cost money and no tickets and they have Dr Pepper - with free refills. Amen.And I told IJ everyone is gonna think I made you come here and feel sorry for you and life i DRUG you to this awful place. Please show them how happy you are and that you want to be here too....So he gave you all this face. See? A lover, not a fighter. It runs in the family.But it was FAB.
They had HUGE flat screens showing ESPN and real hot dogs.
And the kids ran around like chickens with their heads cut off.And they had too much fun to fight or bicker or fuss.
And I loved every minute of it.
So now IJ is recovering and resting.
And we head back to the doctor this afternoon for further instructions. Don't worry, I'll take pics.


Linda said...

Thanks for the update. I had forgotten what/why he was having operated on and when I saw your Tweet that night I was like Holy Crap! Now what's happened??!? Whew! I feel much better now:)

Farmgirl Paints said...

Isn't life fun like that sometimes...the unexpected surgery, wait, tornado! Looks like you all took it stride.

Pony Girl said...

CG, I wish your IJ a speedy recovery! My sister had that surgery around 4 years ago, it has a fairly long recovery/physical therapy. He needs to do his exercises at home to get back as much movement as he can in that knee! They got into fix her torn ACL and discovered a torn miniscus as well.
Wow, I could really see that tornado, scary! Say, cool you have a Panera Bread too. I discovered last year and am addicted!

Lo said...

FUN! and suckage about the five hours!!!! i hate that. also, question- remember that day when IJ texted you and said 'meet me here' and then you drove there in your super cute pointy black heels? what on earth ever happened with that? did i miss it? did i blink? oh lord if i don't find out i'm going to explode. k thanks bye.

edie said...

Well bless his pea-pickin' heart. If I lived closer, I'd back a casserole and some homeade bread. Love and hugs and wishes for a speedy recovery!