Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sniper Baby Twerp

We have discovered a new sport at our house. And just when I settle down for the evening
with a glass of wine and my twitter....
I hear a click
and see a red light on my chest....
followed by pop pop pop
and giggle giggle giggle
But it ain't so funny when it comes from a grown man.


Jessica said...

Was it a Nerf gun? My boys LOVE them. I just bought them 4 more this weekend and they couldn't be happier and more occupied! As a home school mom, I'll do whatever it takes to keep them busy being active little boys and not couch potatoes. They have had many battles with tons of friends w/ their guns too. You guys should try it. Our's were only about 5 dollars each. Extra darts are a must!!

Sarah said...

That looks like the nerf vulcan. I think we own at least 5 different nerf guns. We've had few family battles around here. Luckily everyone can have a gun. Good luck defending your self. - my tip - steal thier bullets as they come your way. LOL

BT's so cute. Just tackle him & tickle him - good luck with IJ

Tracie said...

Aww, what a sweet father son activity - sniper shooting 101! Not every dad can do that! LOL

Marchelle said...

reinforcements are on the way CG. i am bringin my men. and by men i mean toddlers & husband.
and camo face paint and night vision goggles.
and cute shoes.
and wine.

Marchelle said...

OH HEY!! Guess what?! So... I have some big news for you! You're going to LOOOVE it! Are you ready? Wait for it... wait for it....ok...ready? Like for real, really ready?

---> I tagged you on my blog.<---

I know, I know. You're welcome.

Pony Girl said...

Now normally we'd edit the red eye out, but I have to say that pic of him with the glowing red eyes just fits the whole sniper scenario, hee hee! ;)