Thursday, April 9, 2009

Your Doing Fine Oklahoma - Without Me.

I am in Oklahoma -- land of the free home of the brave. Oklahoma - where the wind comes sweeping down the plains. And let me tell you -- Oklahoma is doing fine. Fine without me. And I am a little surprised by this and devastated.

I kinda hoped assumed she might be hit pretty hard when I left her borders. That the effects of my dynamic leadership and massive influence would cave the prosperous life she had become accustom to. Be believe me, I was as shocked as you are right now, to find her doing fine. Your doing fine Oklahoma Oklahoma - OK! Without me.

Maybe it is the fact that I was more lead by she than her by me. I will give you a moment, cause that was deep for me.

However, in the moment of nostalgia I am having, I would like to take a few seconds to stop and remember all the good things I love about her. Let's reminisce together, shall we?

  1. She has the highest people to pick-up truck ratio in the world. And I love it.
  2. She brought ya'll back. Although I never really thing it went out.
  3. Oklahoma is one of the few places I can sit at Starbucks and literally know EVERYONE who went through the drive thru. By "everyone" I mean I also know all their kids' names. And there horse too.
  4. There is no traffic.
  5. I swear to my faithful Lordy Almighty, that I went to the mall and walked into my FAV story. I have not been in this store since May 2008. When I walk in ALL 3 sales ladies say "Country Girl, MY GAWD. Where have you been???" Then they set me up a dressing room and IJ called two hours later in a tizzy cause he saw the Discover bill charge post online. I was going thru a tunnel and we got disconnected. It was a shame.
  6. Friends. -- Feather, Heather, Meather.....Okay, I was joking about Meather. But if there is one out there- you should TOTALLY call me cause you would fit into our group.
  7. The smell. It smells fresh out here. Or it could be the ranches.
  8. Wal Mart is the heartbeat of the community
  9. Bricktown
  10. The Wormy Dog
  11. Familiarity
  12. I know every road. Every school. Every elected official. Every police officer - let's not go there.
  13. Friends
  14. Friends
  15. Friends
  16. The Base
  17. The Airplanes
  18. The BX
  19. My Friends.
  20. Your Doing Fine Oklahoma - without me, but I miss you. OK?

So do you have a place you miss and love? Where do you long for? Miss the familiarity and the comfort?


Dana and Daisy said...

oh I so get this about you CG. And even though we Tulsan's think OKC is the arm pit of the state, it's pretty nice, too and if that is where you were when you wrote this, I get it, I totally get it.

I used to live in Fayettenam, er uuh, Fayetteville, Arkansas. And when I left to come back to Oklahoma, I missed it terribly. Because I had found people there who loved and accepted me just the way I was. I had a routine where I could go and see folks I knew all the time, just like you're saying.

That's been along time ago and now when I go there, it all seems changed. The coffee shop has moved. My friends aren't sitting there sipping latte's anymore. I learned, it was not the place, it was a time in my life. And without it I would not be who I am today.

Homesickness is good. Bring into your life now what you miss about it. That is what you are really hoping for in your life now, isn't it? You can do it! I have faith in you!

Marchelle said...

This makes me miss Oklahoma and I've only been once when I was like, two.

But it has been said that my dream house location would be ocean front property in Oklahoma. (George Strait is singing it wrong) I think I have just fallen in love with PW's pics and your descriptions.

Oh, and Meemaw was born in Bartlesville.


Anonymous said...

Seattle! Though I have been in Missouri for nearly 10 years, I miss my Seattle. The sights the smells the hustle and flow of the big city. Sigh!!

Lo said...

man... i miss camp pendleton, living on base. it was probably the only place, among many, that i've lived where i felt at peace and comfortable. the dried up riverbed, rattlesnake holes, wide open fields, the exchange, ... i miss it whole heartedly.

J said...

I miss Fernandina Beach like nobody's business...but alas, my DH will not pull up stakes and move South. I miss the ocean, I miss the smell, the wind, the waves...I miss fresh shrimp. I miss the people, the laid back atmosphere. I miss living on an island - everyone should at least once in their life. But firmly in the Midwest we are planted, and that is where I will remain.

Pony Girl said...

Marchelle, Bartlesville was voted one of the top 20 places to live in the west by American Cowboy magazine! :) Check it out:

I've never been to OK, but would love to sometime.
I don't really miss anything right now, except living in the country. Luckily my horse is in the "country" so I am there a lot, a couple times a week. But my day to day....well, not so much. But I have the best of both worlds for now!

Anonymous said...

First time ever commenting but what popped into my head the instant you asked, "So do you have a place you miss and love? Where do you long for? Miss the familiarity and the comfort?" I thought...'My Body. My shapely, firm, pre-children, 15-20-year-younger, 100 lb. lighter, body.' {Sigh} LOL

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

I'm an Okie and proud of it! Yes, I love my Wal-Mart! No, I don't drive a truck! The wind will sure style your hair the way it wants to style it too!

Just another Okie Girl here...

Anonymous said...

you left oklahoma at a good time, the fires are tearing MWC and Choctaw down. I miss you wish i would have know you were in town.

Anonymous said...

Just read your twitter about the praying for everyone's safety...God bless those firefighters!

Dusti said...

Now that is a title that can catch my attention! LOVE my OKLAHOMA! Glad to know you love us too! All very true, the trucks and Walmart, the heartbeat of our lives. I moved away for about 7 years and was ohhh so glad to be back with my family in Okie land:-)

feather k said...

I am so glad you visited!!! Oklahoma had her game face on...because she does miss you! It was fun meeting the starbucks folks with you...don't forget the new cowhead with feathers decal you're getting for your car...xoxoxo!!!

~Kim said...

You mean you were HERE? Next time you come, we should throw a party for ya!

I love Oklahoma! We travel quite a bit and I can honestly say that people in Oklahoma are (for the most part) genuine, sweet and caring people!!! Yes we have the truck drivin', Wal-Mart shoppin' hillbillies....but heck, even they have their perks!


Ranch Diva Rachel said...

I miss College Station, Texas... Good friends, The Dixie Chicken, tijuana fries, bars that played classic country music, and twisted Aggie traditions...

(And I do miss my buddies in Marlow and Chickasha!)