Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Update From Country Girl - Cause You Care, RIGHT? Hellos? Anyone?

  1. I am finally home
  2. In the deep south
  3. But I leave again tomorrow night
  4. But I am not all mad about it
  5. Cause I chose to do a "world tour" and visit all the offices we have around the US
  6. In one month
  7. Okay, maybe that goal was a little ambitious
  8. But I think big
  9. And no so smart
  10. But big
  11. So this week I still will be going to Austin
  12. Then next week Philly again
  13. And Boston
  14. Then NY
  15. Then San Jose
  16. I know. I am boring you.
  17. BUT...here is the good stuff
  18. We are taking a family vaca
  19. This weekend
  20. To the beach
  21. And swim in the ocean
  22. Which sends Baby Twerp into tears
  23. Cause he thinks the sharks are going to eat him
  24. And I am all like, "They only like bacon"
  25. And then he asks in a panicked voice, "Am I bacon???"
  26. And I smell him and smile and say, "Nooooope, your sugar and spice."
  27. And he giggles.
  28. But then I stop and ponder and say, "But maybe with a hint of bacon"
  29. And he runs off crying
  30. It is a bond we have and all
  31. ANYHOO -- Guess who graduates Pre K?
  32. TONIGHT?
  33. Sunrise, Sunset
  34. I know. I know. I got the hankies
  35. And my camera all charged up
  36. And guess who graduates ELEMENTARY?
  38. Second verse..."Swiftly flow the years, seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers."
  39. Sniff Sniff
  40. All I am sayin is I graduated ONCE birth thru 18-- and it was high school
  41. I think this is a big scheme by children across the nation to get more gifts
  42. Speaking of gifts...
  43. I was out in my neighborhood and the moms were all like
  44. "So what are you getting Eldest Twerp for 5th grade graduation?"
  45. And I was all like I AM SUPPOSE TO GET A GIFT?
  46. I mean I bought her a new dress and shoes
  47. And I was gonna take her out to eat....I thought that was big time
  48. They started talking about getting their girls DIAMOND NECKLACES
  49. And Black Hills Gold rings
  50. And I was all like pump the breaks...
  51. IT IS 5th GRADE
  52. Then I started to think
  53. Really think
  54. About what a pivotal moment this is for ET
  55. And I do want to get her a gift
  56. That celebrated her
  57. But also reminds her what life is all about
  58. Something that she will remember forever
  59. But allows her to make a difference
  60. Something that allows her to be changed in the process of changing others -- a giver
  61. Does that even make sense?
  62. Anyhoo, something that reinforces to her what life is all about
  63. OTHERS
  64. And I think I have the PERFECT gift
  65. But I am going to give it in stages
  66. Stay Tuned
  67. I can't wait
  68. Eeeeeeeeee
  69. Any guesses?
  70. I love you all. I had to add this last line cause the God-fearin, Sunday panty-hose wearing girl in me could not end on 69. In case God reads today and all. Amen.


Brandy said...

Austin is not far from me! What beach are ya'll going to? Did you ever go to Seaside FL that Kyleigh and I recommended? I just got back from Seaside on my Honeymoon!!


Jenn said...

Have a fantastic vacation!!!

Linda said...

How do you manage Twerps & IJ & new house & cooking (whole foods right! almost forgot) & cleaning AND new job??
Man! I'm dizzy!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Hope you guys have a great vacation...and I so think you need it after your "world Tour".

Farmgirl Paints said...

Good for you taking a much needed family vacation. Hope you have lots of fun and don't see any sharks. Oh and tell the twerps congrats!!

bakerchick103 said...

Hope you have a great Vaca and Love that last line!

Shellgirl said...

I had the 5th grade graduation gift discussion just last week with my nephew. "Aunt Shell, did you get me a gift for graduation?", "I gave you Twilight last week at Nan's, remember?", "Yeah, but that was for reading, not a gift.", "Kid, when I was your age, we'd be happy if we got to stay up late for a present!", "Whatever"...kids these days! Enjoy the celebration!

Dana and Daisy said...

oh you have touched my heart in many ways today CG. How kind of you, too.

Oh Goodness, I kind of agree with you about the gift thing, but then maybe you will wow us with a gift that makes us stop... and think.

good thing they prewarned you!

Stacie said...

Enjoy your vacation! You'll need lots of rest in the midst of your "world tour"! Who am I kidding, no one gets rest even on vaca with 3 kids, right?
Your #70 almost made me spit my Starbucks out my nose...not pretty!

Marchelle said...

where's the love for naptown? the schools in indy need help too you know.

beach schmeach.

i will bring BT home with me and i wont even make him take a bath.

thecrazysheeplady said...

You are hilarious! Love the #70.

Pony Girl said...

Pump the brakes...too funny. Yes, all of the graduations are a bit much these days. Like you- I had ONE- from h.s.! Hope you have a great, great, vacation! Don't let baby twerp get mistakin' for bacon!