Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Am Switzerland.

Soooo... a few weeks ago a wrote a post entitled "The Office" and in the process I got this comment:

Anonymous said...
Where the heck is ET? (your desk picture) gramps
May 6, 2009 3:37 PM

And I felt soooo guilty. Then I couldn't sleep. Or eat. Okay, I could eat. But not as much. Cause he was right.

The Boy Twerps had made me that pic from Pre School an I DID NOT have a pic of ET. So I went and got some frames. And maybe, mighta, kinda, sort, coulda, possibly went a little overboard. Maybe.
Now my office is adorned with photos of all of my spawn and IJ.This is her class pic from this year. A QT I tell you, a complete QT.
This was ET a few months after she came to be with us. This is one happy child.
Here we are in Vermont. I was prego and didn't even know it.
She is the best big sister ever. I am tellin you. It was like having a nanny around. She dooted over her little brother like crazy. And they still have the bond.
This is ET in front of my great grandma's farm house in Indiana. It is right next door to where i grew up. I can't talk about it. I get verklempt.
Look who is graduating tonight?
Look how tiny he was the day we brought him home.....Sunrise, Sunset I tell you. Swiftly flow the years.
And look at my sweet precious Baby Twerp. I am tellin you he has my heart.
And I threw this one in for good measure.
So I was feeling all good about myself. Having brought pics of all my spawn and husbands. I felt like I had achieved a sense of neutrality. I was Switzerland.

Then I counted how many times each spawn/husband appeared in my office:

Country Girl: 5
Indiana Jones: 5
Eldest Twerp: 5
Middle Twerp: 7
Baby Twerp: 3

AHHHHH -- Back to the drawing board.


Linda said...

I think you should dedicate one wall to each child:)

Dana and Daisy said...

you do this when counting Christmas presents too don't ya?

P.s. Love Ray LaMontagne, Steve can't stand him, I say deal with it, you married me, you married the cat, you married my taste in music. I married you and I married your kids. we're even, ha ha!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Switzerland... I love it!!

Anonymous said...

You are a real sweetheart!!!!!!


Shellgirl said...

Yeah, that happens to me too! This weekend I was cutting out the pics fr son2's Jr. Prom and I realized that I hadn't given out any of son1's prom pics from 3 YRS AGO!!! I am SO bad about that stuff!

KinaBolina said...

Hahaha...I thought the same thing but didn't post it. :) I love the picture overload!!!

Linda said...

Oh and that Class pic? Beautiful!

Marchelle said...

but where is my picture?