Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Office

Sooo, I am nosy. I am. I am sorry, but I feel if we are going to continue in this relationship I must open up and let you see the inner-me. Sooo, I am nosy. Like if I am at your house, I will go to the bathroom and look in your cabinets. And if you leave me there alone I will look in your closets. I cannot help it. It is a disease.But in the 12 Step Recovery I am following, I must be open and transparent. So I will share My Office space with you. And cause I know Marchelle is nosy too and will want to see it. She is my separated at birth twin, but our biological mom loves me more. It is hard for her to deal with . Anyhoo. This is my desk drawer. You will notice I have an unhealthy obsession with binder clips. I want to marry them and have their babies. Little binder clip babies. I also have a love affair with post-it notes. But they are just a weekend rendezvous. My true love is binder clips. Usually.This is a bucket of manipulative's from a curriculum program I wrote a grant for. And I love all the math toys, so I kept them. Plus you never know when you might need a big ol orange tub. Or magnetic geometric pieces, or attribute blocks, or protractors, or wooden blocks, or rubber bands, or Ricola. Sorry, I digress.
You also never know when you will need a pink boa for all those hot Latino dances I do at the office. So, you will find one in my middle right drawer. An essential. I am most certain EVERYONE has one. Beside the stapler. But not the binder clips. The binder clips and boa could never share a drawer. It might end up in a lover affair and I would be heart broken.
Here is my "important" files. The main thing I use this drawer for is my orange tic-tacs. I am kinda like Paulie Bleaker and all.
So there you all have it. The Office. My quarters. Where all the magic happens. Okay, where I blog. Amen.


jenn said...

You crack me up! I love, love your blog! A home tour needs to be on the agenda and past pics--give us both! he-he! Your twerps are adorable! have a great day!


mimi said...

I'm drooling over the orange bin filled with math manipulatives...and that beautiful painting on the wall.

Thanks for a peak into your "medicine cabinet".

Linda said...

Oh I'm waaay too nosey too! More please!

Dana and Daisy said...

will you come and help Steve organize his home office? his idea of filing is grocery bags full of papers and when he hasn't had to empty them for along time searching for something important, they go up to the attic. It is scary!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

I love Post-it notes too....I have way to many and most are PINK cause I know the guys in my construction office love to see pink notes on their important papers and time cards!

Anonymous said...

Where the heck is ET? (your desk picture)


Pony Girl said...

You blog from work?
p.s. Dig that your Gramps reads your blog! ;)

Marchelle said...

that's it?! i want the WHOLE tour. the BIG 96'er. i'm talking from the time you park til when you sit down! pics of everyone's desks/offices/cubes that you pass, and pics of their drawers too.

and the breakroom.

and the bathroom. women's only though.

maybe when i come down you can just take me there on a field trip. then you can take a pic of me at your desk and you can blow it up to 11x14 and hang it up where that one of the red & yellow flowers are because i will be takin that one home with me.

that's all.