Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Time Part II: S'mores - Divinely Inspired By God Himself

Many novices feel as though they can just microwave and throw together the heavenly creation God named S'mores. Silly Silly Novices.It is an art -- a form -- a high-leveled dance to angel-winged music. Everyone has a job and no detail can go unlooked.And there is NO sleeping on the job. People must be READY with the cracker and chocolate -- the marshmallow is pipin hot and cannot wait.God planned it this way and all. I think it is in Leviticus. Or maybe Numbers. Either way, it is divinely stated. And I ain't messin with God's word and all. Cause look at what happens when you obey his law.Heavenly I tell you. Heavenly.Uhm, BT? BT? BeeeeTeeee??? Where are you??? Are you at the neighbors? WITH CHICKENS? Oh Lord, we traded in some goats for chickens. Heaven help us.


Kim said...

S'mores done the way God intended are his way of placating us single girls who don't get...you know...*blush*

Glad to hear BT is so much better!


Linda said...

I love your deck!

Shellgirl said...

Jillian Michaels made me throw out my graham crackers. Now I want them back! I'm so glad BT is 100% again--I was really worried over the weekend, but had taken an oath to turn off twitter and the puter to celebrate my birthday old-school style.

Glad to see everything's okay!

Marchelle said...

um, we are having smores tonight and i already ate half of one of the hershey bars. burp.