Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Smores: Good Parenting At Its Finest

Last night was rainy and windy and not the kind of evening you would want to sit around outside by a campfire and roast some smores.
However, that is EXACTLY what I had promised my spawn that we would do -- for days now I have said,
Tuesday night when daddy is out of town, we will go roast smores and tell ghost stories. I PROMISE!!! So being the Country Girl that I am, we had to improvise. I mean I am all about going outside and living up to my promises -- unless there is lightning involved. So we went to Plan BSmores Indoors.Which sounds all great and dandy.And creative and sweet.
And even good parenting at its finest.
Until you see the amount of smoke one of these burnt puppies can create. Then the smoke alarm starts going off.
Then the neighbors come over.
Then the firemen arrive.
So much for parenting at its finest.


Scrappy Girl said...

Ooh I love those Woodwick candles....we stand over our is gas and we turn on the fan to suck up the smoke!

Linda said...

Y'all have the best adventures...indoors or out!

Shellgirl said...

Oh how fun! At least nothing caught fire other than the marshmallows! Your kids will remember that forever... and probably want to do it next Tueday too!

Dana and Daisy said...

did you throw the kids under the bus and say it was all their fault? lol!

Anonymous said...

I've made smores in the oven before...not as much fun, but the end result is great. 350 degree F oven, cookie sheet lined with foil, graham cracker square for the bottom, marshmallow and piece of chocolate on top. Pop in oven till "melty" remove and top with another graham cracker square. So yummy, but again, no fire, so not as much fun :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

I love smores...whether by candlelight or campfire. Great way to improvise. Looks like another great night with the spawn:)

Anonymous said...

CG - be careful. Sometimes those candles give off toxins and weird stuff when they burn. We used to do indoor smores over hot oven burners...not exactly safe either! Wonder where you could get one of those little hibachis that come with a poo poo platter for indoor smores.

Marchelle said...

make you some ghetto smores. in the microwave. they's goo-oooood clark.