Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Said I Wanted GIRLS!!!!

Sometimes I do not have a lick of sense about me.
None. Nada. Not even a drop.
And to just prove it -- I took my spawn to the REPTILE show this weekend. I have had brighter ideas in my lifetime.But they oooohhhhedand ahhhhed.
And touched and petted and felt... I stood back safely behind the camera lens.
Cause I am allergic to snake bites and all.
Especially this one -- in which it was explained to me that this poor little guy could NEVER survive in the wild because without his pigment he could not camouflage himself. And he would surely DIE.
And this would be a problem becaaause???? I mean look at him -- he is STRANGLING this poor guy. I almost threw him outside myself and then made some CAH CAH noises. Just in case the birds were around and all.But not my little Baby Twerp.He was in reptile heaven.Which is also know as human hell -- but that is neither here nor there right now. Anyhoo -- Baby Twerp decided he wanted to take one home -- Uhm, exsqueeze me? When I told IJ, this is the response -- Ha ha ho ho giggle giggle snort. NO.In which BT replied with wailing and gnashing of teeth. Hello God? Are you there? It is me, Country Girl. I said I wanted GIRLS!!!!


Kerrie said...

Lol, you were brave just to go in there! Looks like the kid's enjoyed it though. I hate snakes as well but your first picture is a bearded dragon. I had a few as a kid and they eat veggies and you can let them out and they eat spiders and moths. After my mom found out they eat bugs she would let them out when she saw some.

Linda said...

OK. I thought the yellow one was way cool! Would I have one as a pet? No freaking way!

Anonymous said...

I HATE snakes! Freak me out! When Uncle Snake (hmmm)and I take Mega Man to the zoo I let them go through that exhibit. I wait patiently outside. :)

Uncle Trix

bakerchick103 said...

I wouldn't have one as a pet, but they're way better than spiders!!

Tracie said...


Molly said...

Remember when BT was in the hospital and you promised a pet. HAHAAHAHA!!!! My sister has a hamster and it has gotten loose too many times. I was over at mom's house and I was laying in my sister's bed and what did I see amongst her pillows, Rita her hamster and I about jumped 10 million feet while she just sat there and laughed. But I love her so I over looked her lauging at me. Have a great weekend!!!!
~Molly P

Dana and Daisy said...

it took all the nerves of steel I could muster just to read your blog today.

I think I have to go lay down now.

Tracey said...

Looks like love to be taking your kids to the reptile show that is! I don't think I could do it:)


Dana and Daisy said...

I'm cruising for some old posts and saw this snake post again, ewe! eesh! creeps me out. Hey a friend told me this story and swears on her craft magazines it's true. A friend of hers had a python for like 20 years and it was free to roam her home. well, it stopped eatin and she thought it was sick so she took it to the vet. ANd he asked what other odd behaviors? Any at all? She said yes, I woke up the other day and it was lying all stretched out next to me. And the vet said, uhm, nothing is wrong with your snake, but you cannot take it home, cause it is fasting for a very big meal. A five foot long meal if you get my drift.