Monday, August 10, 2009

What A Difference A Y(T)ear Can Make

Another year has passed and, as typical with time, my Twerps have grown. Again. This first day of school was like none other for me. If you read this blog a year ago, first - bless your heart, second, I was in the bowels of depression and chaos. I lived in the ghetto, my kids were unhappy, I was a stranger to this new town in this new state in this new time zone in this new land. But this year, oh sweet heavenly Jesus, this year is The Year of the Pink Glitter. It is a very good year. Right up there with The Year of the Dog and Dragon. I am tellin ya.

We started with breakfast. I do not know if you have heard or not, but it is the most important meal of the day. I think it is tied with lunch and supper and snacks and dessert - but that is a discussion for another day.
Anyhoo, 6:30 am came early for my spawn --
But they were loving their PBJ banana burritos. ET smiled when she came down the stairs and said, "Mom, you never do anything normal." I took that as a complement.
Then we were off. Now can we stop for a moment to discuss 2 items up for bid:

1. How many middle schoolers do you know that WANT to walk their PreK and Kindergarten siblings in to their class and CARRY their blankies and help them along the way?!?!?!

2. She wants to tell you about her first day of school outfit so pretend you see nothing. Mmmm-Kay?
First we dropped Baby Twerp off. He went right over to check on HIS pet -- Kermit. Kermit and Baby Twerp met last Thursday. BT has adopted Kermit and let the teacher know right of the bat that his seat was the one next to Kermit and all. He even went ahead and moved his name tag. Lordy Be.
There were no issues AT ALL in BT's class. The only issue was getting Middle Twerp to LEAVE! He was lovin it and fought me tooth and nail to get outta there. UNTIL I said, "You know your teacher has a gecko?!"And he said, "What you talkin about Willis?" And took off sprinting.Yes my friends. The Year of the Pink Glitter is a very good year.
As I walked out to the other wailing and consoling Kindergarten mothers, I told ET to pinch me -- cause my eyes were dry. As a matter of fact, I think I mighta been doin the electric slide -- there was joy in my heart. Down in my heart to stay. And let me tell you what the devil can do it he doesn't like it -- he can sit on a tack.

Anyhoo, off to MIDDLE SCHOOL. I was so excited for this sweet girl. And as I pulled around to drop her off (cognisant of the fact she is in MIDDLE SCHOOL) ET turned to me and said,

"Do you wanna walk me in and all?"

"ET, do you WANT me to walk you in?"

So, I parked and walked my middle school daughter in for her first day.

I stopped to talk to the police man to ask about tomorrow's parking and I glanced at ET and did not hear a word he said, cause as I looked over at my young lady, she was meeting and greeting and here is the kicker....she stopped to help Austin.

WHO IS AUSTIN? That is what I asked. She met Austin at Meet and Greet last week. He moved here from Dallas, Texas and had surgery on his leg to lengthen it by 3 inches this summer. He is in a contraption with pins and braces and he had tears in his eyes.

She walked over...said "Hey Austin." And took his backpack he was struggling wtih off his shoulder and walked him to the cafeteria -- their first stop.

Then, they all piled in and chatted like no biggie.I had held it together through PreK. I was unemotional and dry eyed through Kindergarten. But this? This young lady? She did me in. I walked out of Middle School crying. Out of pride, out of awe, out of amazement, out of relief. She gets it. She understands. Life is about others. Life is about giving. And if last year's struggles set the foundation for this, then it was worth it.

The Year of Dog Poop was worth it. And she? She's gonna be just fine.


Scrappy Girl said...

I would have been right there next to you sweet...stuff like that just gets me..

♥georgie♥ said...

I expect to have very similar feelings come Wed when our schools start...
Has it been a year really? Your lil 'twerps' just get cuter and cuter!

Virtual Teacher Collaboration said...

One of my favorite posts evah! Now if I can only help my Precious One understand that truth half as well!

She probably moves in this week. Squee!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Great post!!

I am going to be crying next week as I take my middle schooler to his first day of school too!

They grow up so fast....

Debilou~Mississippi Mama said...

OMG,, you normally make me life,, but today you made me cry and I could almost feel the pride you must've been feeling,, way to go ET!

Dana and Daisy said...

kleenex please!

Anonymous said...
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Alyssa said...

Every time I read one of these amazing stories about ET's HUGE HEART and compassion for others I feel better about the world in general. We need more kiddos like ET & more moms like you CG - she is going to set the world on fire and truly make a difference!

Molly said...

Oh I just love little kids. They are so loving and giving. My baby brother was a helper in Vacation Bible School this summer and our pastors wife came up to us to tell us how impressed she was with him. She told us that he was quoting scripture like nobodies business and that he was wanting to learn more about helping others that didn't have anything. I cried when she told me that. ET is a giver and a lover and she will go far in life :) Oh the little children make me cry happy tears. Have a great first week at school!!!
~Molly P

Jenn said...

I just have to say it, but you should be SO PROUD of that girl! And I know you are. She's a giver and lover, just like her mama.

Glad the boys did well!

Anonymous said...

CG, you're the "bestest" Mom ever!! lol You are "learnin" them well. ET....she's a peach! I am glad for you that no tears were shed (except by you.) The start of the school year, those first few years would just break my heart w/ working mom, sister and brother. Well mainly the girls....Mark wasted no time on organizing playing Ninja Turtles or getting a game of basketball I love the reference to children church songs.....brought a tear to my eye...:) I'm tellin' are my daughter from another mother. Meemaw

Jen said...

Wow!! what a blessing she is to that boy and her little brothers!! It feels so good to see momments like this as a mommy.
You are a blessing to me too! Thanks for the fun while reading!!


TJ said...

I would like to tell you it gets better, but well -no. Tears will flow for this or that child thing until (I suspect) we depart this dear life. My sweet daughter, I will call her Dr. Lovely Daughter, asked me to go with her to present and defend her doctoral dissertation last October. I felt very honored. This is the same child that (also) asked me to leave her in kindergarten and go home, the first day. I wanted to ask that tiny one- go home to what? :) I can still cry about that one. I also cried after I got home from her defending her dissertation last year. There is no hope for moms. And I wonder, how did she and her bro grow up so fast? I'm just wondering. PS- I think ET is a keeper.

Kelly said...

Crying with you- love the tenderness of her heart, it's what it is all about. You have done an amzing job with your kids, and you inspire me in my own parenting.

Love that it's a pink glitter year!!