Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You May Say I'm A Dreamer, But I'm Not the Only One

Sooo, I have had some crazy gnarly dreams. It is a fact. I am a dreamer. And they make no sense. Like the time I dreamed about Floyd the Barber and Colonel Sanders and a Broadway Bugs Bunny Frog?

Anyhoo, apparently it is genetic. Cause when I walked in Eldest Twerp's room this morning to kiss her bye, she said, "Wanna hear about my dream?"

Against my better judgement I said YES.

I feel like I should disclose something to you about Eldest Twerp - she is into the details.

When she popped out of the womb she was was tellin the story of how she arrived -- it was quite emabrassin.

If I ask her how her day went, four hours later we will be wrapping up a play by play of how many licks it took to get to the center of a lollipop. And HEAVEN FORBID you ask her what a movie is about -- seriously, she recites the entire script. IT IS TORTUROUS!

Anyhoo, I sat down and settled in for a long winter's nap. Cause I knew this was not going to be the Cliff Notes.

Behold, I welcome you to ET's dreams --

So, I had a dream we were all at the age where we could live on our own, but not old enough to be married. You know how you can become independent enough to make some decisions on your own, but you are not to the point where you can straight off the bat chose who you want to marry and be with FOR-EV-ER?

That is the stage I was in. And your only limit in your children was that they could not live alone. You know -- girls with girls...boys with boys. Again, going back to the fact that we were not old enough to be able to chose who we should marry -- remember?


So, I lived with 3 girlfriends {insert her BFFs} and Middle Twerp and Baby Twerp lived together.

Of course they chose a house right by ours -- and you would know that would happen cause they always want to be around us. Like that time Addy spent the night {insert a 2 hour recap of the sleepover}.

And they came over and wanted to live with us and we said NO WAY!

But not in a really mean way {insert the next 5 minutes of sayin NO WAY in forty eleven voice tones}.

And then MT came over and asked for a spatula to make scrambled eggs. And he was very hateful and selfish about it. Which surprised me cause he normally likes runny eggs but he specifically said scrambles eggs. Don't you find that strange?


Then he made eggs and the earth started shaking. And I could see the whole world like a map and India fell into the ocean and Madagascar crumbled into South Africa and cows were crushed in Oklahoma and


Then Jesus came back and we all went to heaven and there was a woman who was 299 years old and she could dance and sing and jig. And then God came out and he was Frank {insert a story about her old Sunday School teacher and the lessons he taught her - 17 minutes} and he looked at me and said, "WHERE IS MT AND BT?"

And at that moment I knew -- MT should have never been mean and hateful about that spatula.

I am going to work on that with him today.

Heaven help me.


Molly said...

Great post and dream!! I think His coming is more near than most people think. Have a great day and please work with MT on his spatula ediquette (I don't think I spelled that right :)
~Molly P

♥georgie♥ said...

awwww FAB post!
the dreaded spatula huh...yikes

Anonymous said...

Bless her


Farmgirl Paints said...

It must be a girl thing. My girls are very detailed too. I have a hard time focusing and have to remind myself to listen and pay attention.

Linda said...

OMG! ET is related to my sister Salley & her kids!

Dana and Daisy said...

did I tell you the time I dreamed of hank williams and Loretta Lynn at the comedy club with me, sitting at a table front and center and we were drinking green beer out of upside down christmas tree shaped glasses.

Mostly, I think it darling that you see her positive attributes: "she is into details", that will get her far in life, you know.

And then I was so touched she included me in the dream and I quote: "a woman who was 299 years old and she could dance and sing and jig"

Anonymous said...

This is the 2nd email/post commenting on Jesus returning I've seen today.....I think he's saying make sure you have your ducks in a row Meemaw! ET is "wit-ne-fying" and she doesn't even realize it! She is a gift from God.

Ansbaughmom said...

Oh country girl-how are ya? Sorry it has been way toooo long since I have posted but we have moved back to FLA!! Anyway I am so glad I checked in today- you make me laugh. Your kids are so cool!! ET should have a blog of her own too. (between the two of you I would have an amazing ab workout from laughing!!) Hope yall are having a great summer!!

Marchelle said...

I got a new blankie. =)