Monday, September 14, 2009

NYC: Spread the Love

I am in New York City. The Big Apple. And I am a fish out of water. They say in NYC you can people watch as entertainment. I realized last night that I am not only one of the spectators, but a specimen as well.

Mainly it is that fact that I say "sweetie" and have drawl out my words with my twang from the hills of Kentucky. It makes me sound like I walked straight out of "Steel Magnolias"

But none of this bothers me. Because while I might get stares and questions, the people here are loving and accepting. No one judges, they just accept. And love you not in spite of your differences, but because of them.

They don't hate, they appreciate.

So my friend, we will call her Rand McNally, took me to this fab restaurant with a real Manhattan culture last night. She knows the City like the back of her hand and wears it like a glove. She is NYC -- young, hip, cool, accepting. I just love me some Rand McNally.

Anyhoo, we were sitting in this warehouse type restaurant where all the door were up so while we were INSIDE eating, it was completely open to the outside. For my country friends, it was like we were in a barn with all the barn doors open. For my small town friends, it was like we were at the gas station with all the garage doors open. Okay, now you get it.

Anyhoo, we were sitting there eating rare meat and I KID YOU NOT, a man in a red leotard riding a unicycle (and wearing a thong, but this is a G site so I will not go into detail here) rides right in a sits at the bar.

Oh you know I could not contain myself. I just HAD to meet him.

He is the pinky rider and he rides the streets of NYC spreading joy and love.

Oh yes, we became close and tight "pinky friends" right away.
I think I might love NYC.



Deborah said...

Have fun! Very funny...That guy is a riot! I Love New York!

Linda said...

I swear! You can make friends with a rattle snake! You Go Girl! Have a great time!

Farmgirl Paints said...

You are so funny. I love that you met the crazy man in the unitard. Only you!!

Scrappy Girl said...

That is hilarious! Hey did you check out the VMA action that was in town?

Marchelle said...

Someday when I get to visit NYC will you come too? I feel like it would be a whole other experience seeing it though your eyes.

Dana and Daisy said...

what happened to your jeans? They got holes in them?

I know I sound like somebody's mother.

I have this idea that everyone in NYC has tightly pursed lips and straight clingy hair and little horn rimmed glasses and wear plaid channel suits and carry crocodile handbags and eat tiny little portions of raw stuff with some sauce drizzled on it and drink martinis.

am I right?

Journaling Woman said...

Would love to visit NYC. Jealous!!!

Well here in MO if you opened up the barn doors or the garage doors at a gas station, you would be invaded by flies and mosquitoes. I bet you didn't see those in your open cafe?

Caroline said...

Tres ridiculous! Gotta love big cities. :)
I highly reccomend you introduce yourself to Frank Chu if you ever get out to San Francisco. You can't miss him...he'll be holding a big sign predicting iminent doom care of an alien government. From time to time he even accepts advertisement solicitations for the other side of the sign. You know, like "Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - buy one cone get one free!"

Christine said...


Amber said...

lol...I can't believe people do that!

The Urban Cowboy said...

Too funny, but I think he needs a hat!?!

Shelle said...

lol he reminds me of a grey guy about 20 years ago. I always used to see him. I don't think they're the same.