Sunday, September 20, 2009

Random. Tired. Peek-a-boo Toes. Birthday Party.

  1. I am in Boston
  2. Which reminds me of Paul Revere
  3. Which reminds me of the Beastie Boys
  4. Which reminds me of pegged pants and teased hair and Aqua Net
  5. Which reminds me of long ago
  6. Which brings on guilt
  7. Because it has been so long since I have written
  8. WHY?
  9. Work
  10. Big stuff is happening
  11. Maybe
  12. It could be
  13. If I don't mess it all up
  14. Which could happen
  15. Cause I had a big meeting last week with the #1 and #2 guys in our company
  16. And they brought in LUNCH
  17. And I had to eat in front of them
  18. And there were SAUCES
  19. And I had to burp
  20. But it all went off fine
  21. And now I go back to NYC Tuesday
  22. For follow up
  23. And it could either be the icing on the cake
  24. Or the gasoline on the fire
  25. Either way -- we will know soon
  26. And then I can blog again
  27. Maybe
  28. ET pulled her last two baby teeth yesterday
  29. And when I say "ET pulled her last two baby teeth yesterday."
  30. What I really mean is IJ took some needle nosed pliers and poured Purell on them and pulled out her last two baby teeth cause they were gonna rot in her mouth before she would ever pull them
  31. But I did not take pics cause I was afraid I might get my children taken away
  32. Anyhoo -- get ready for this BIG announcement
  33. I got new shoes
  34. Heels
  35. And they are
  36. PURPLE
  37. metallic purple
  38. With a peek a boo toe
  39. And I am in love
  40. And I am gonna marry them
  41. And have purple metallic heels with peekaboo toe babies
  42. You know you can relate.
  43. Right?
  44. Hello?
  45. Anyhoo
  46. I love you all
  47. I missed you
  48. And we have to start planning ET's 12th birthday
  49. Thoughts
  50. Ideas?
  51. I thought Pooh Bear or Mickey Mouse
  52. Or maybe Smurfs or Rainbow Brite
  53. I just can't decide


Kila said...

The purple shoes sound awesome. I'm wearing purple right now. Can I borrow them?

Oh, definitely Smurfs for the 12th Birthday! ;)

Cecilia said...

How about a Spa birthday or a scavenger hunt at the mall? That's what I would want if I was 12.

Good luck at work. I'm sure its going to be great.

Anonymous said...

Where are the pics of the shoes ???? We need pics of purple metallic peek-a-boo toe shoes!!!

As for party, I'm thinking girls slumber party and day at mall or other fun place for girls of which I would know nothing.

Linda said...

Oooooo! Too exciting! Good luck at work, you'll be great! Who doesn't love you?!?
12! OMG! So grown up! We will have to have something very special for her birthday. Jewelry making party? I know someone with boxes of beads;-)

Deborah said...

Good Luck! I hate eating in front of the owner of my company also. Can you imagine if something gets stuck in your teeth, OMG, they never tell you..DISASTER
Purple shoes, sounds like fun!

Alyssa said...

CG - by far the best birthdat party I ever had was a slumber party...BUT my mom had several of her friends come and we all got manicures, pedicures, facials, hairdo's and light makeovers...the party favors were nail files, tiny lipglosses, lotion and nail polish...too much fun ")

bakerchick103 said...

Oh, I would love to have purple peep toe heels! But the only place I could wear them to would be like to do the dishes and stuff.

Pooh Bear.

Scrappy Girl said...

Manga Dork's last bday party (her 13th) was an 80s dance club named Club Manga Dork. We had a DJ and a special drink called "The Manga Dork" (except using her real name). It was a blast!

Marchelle said...

I think ET wants to have a blogger slumber party. I'm almost sure of it.

Miss ya.