Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Thighs are Possessed By Donna Summer

My momma and Aunt B came out to visit me in the Deep South. To eat grits and drink sweet tea and hug and kiss.
I come from a family of huggers and kissers. IJ thinks it weird. He wants kisses? He wants hugs? HE CAN'T HANDLE THE KISSES! HE CAN'T HANDLE THE HUGS!
Sorry - I digress.
But my beautiful cousin met me, my momma, Aunt B, and ET in the city and we went had some giggle and laughs and someone mighta wet her pants she laughed so hard. But I ain't gonna call her out. Cause that might embarrass me. And what would one expect after all that taste testin. Lordy Be. Anyhoo -- use Southern Girls met up with our Southern Boys for some important stuff. Hot. Fudge. Sundaes. That. Make. My. Thighs. Sing. Forth. In. Glory. This particular day, they sang out some Donna Summer. They looked over at IJ and said...Oh I need you, by me. Beside me, to guide me. To hold me, to scold me. Cause when I'm bad...
And it was like magic -- in unison the whole restaurant began to dance to my thighs. Oh my my my.My spawn can't take me anywhere.My thighs just have no self discipline.


Kila said...

That sundae, MMMMM!

Haven't been by in a while. Had to check on those cute kiddos of yours!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...


Looks like fun was had by all!

Nezzy said...

Heeeheeehe! Are out thighs related???? This Ozarks farm chick has a love of the fudge too! Hey sweetie, ya'll have one precious family there.

God bless ya'll from the hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!!

Dana and Daisy said...

i want to be adopted by you and IJ. It's not too late to adopt me, too is it? Ya'll have fun.

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

for sure REVERSE adoption is called for. Sighing at your Thighing.