Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random But Normal

Good Evening my Lovelies. I hope you are doing well. I have all kinds of stuff to chat and talk with you about. But I can't speak in complete sentences so you will get random, disjointed, fragmented Country Girl. I know, I know -- you are use to the linear, grammatically corrected proper Country Girl so this will be shocking. That's me -- shocking. Kinda like Jerry Springer, but saved and at peace with the dear, sweet Baby Jesus. Lying in his crib.

  1. I miss Indiana Jones
  2. And I miss him so bad I am going to make him do a blog interview this week
  3. Cause I think it will strengthen our communication and marriage and bring us closer together
  4. OK -- really cause he is thousands of miles away and can't kill me nor read this silly blog
  5. Probably
  6. I mean he might KNOW people that could kill me
  7. But then who would raise his spawn?
  8. Never mind, maybe I won't do the interview
  9. We will see
  10. First -- confession time
  11. Forgive me father for I have sinned
  12. I used Comic Sans in an email
  13. But it's not entirely my fault
  14. I got a new computer at work
  15. and the default font on my email was Comic Sans
  16. I was like Whoa Hoah. Who gave me this 1999 computer
  17. I think it was Prince
  18. Cause that is how we party and all
  19. Anyhoo -- for those of you who do NOT read my Twitter
  20. {insert crickets}
  21. My test results came back benign. No malignancy
  22. Rinse and repeat in 6 months
  23. As my momma would say PTL
  24. Speaking of mommas
  25. Mothers Day is coming up
  26. And I shall be giving the gift that keeps giving
  27. I am going home to see my Momma and Mammaw
  28. I am certain they are overjoyed with the thought of me and three heavenly spawn trampsing through their beloved homes
  29. Messing up their ironed lace doilies
  30. We reek havoc on ironed lace doilies
  31. Its part of my spawn's genetic code
  32. Anyhoo -- I got me a realtor
  33. Why "What for?" you might ask?
  34. Yeah, for what you are thinking.
  35. Which means you can IMAGINE the posts that are going to ensue
  36. Cause I can't make a decision on what shoes to wear...never the less something LARGE
  37. Like earrings
  38. Heaven help us
  39. Also. as my cool hip teenager neighbor would say
  40. I beast my meeting this week
  41. But then I tripped and fell in front of forty 'leven people at the airport
  42. But then someone called me beautiful
  43. And I forgot about my bloody elbow
  44. AND IJ asked me where I wanted to go on vaca this summer
  45. And I have MADE A DECISION
  46. all by myself
  47. I want to go to Hilton Head
  48. Probably
  49. With the Twerps
  50. And then just he and I go to a little get away
  51. But then who would watch the kids?
  52. Duh. Sprout.
  53. and CN
  54. Amen.
  55. Anyhoo -- I miss you all
  56. And will be posting IJ's interview soon
  57. or possibly if I don't post you should go looking for the hit man
  58. Amen.



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