Monday, July 5, 2010

Oh Come to the Church in the Wildwood

Thanks to all my precious darling friends who gave me advice on which church to go to. It is always good to know there are sweeties out there that will keep you from burning in hell - it's the southern hospitality and all.
Anyhoo, after much thought and consideration last Sunday morning cinched for us which church we shall call home. Even though I am certain all the churches in the area have been in prayer and fasting over us finding our home at ANOTHER church - we have just decided to nestle in to avoid the flames of hell lapping at our feet. MT was starting to get blisters and all.
Sorry, I digress. But on Father's Day the boys "surprise" us with a sweet and darlin song. And what I loved most about this was while everyone was dressed in their khaki nickers and seersucker sundresses and pastel polo shirts, my boys were wearing muscle shirts, holey jeans (for God and all), and baseball caps. And we were accepted. And loved. And embraced.
And that is all it took. The love us just the way we are.
So to celebrate, I grabbed a handful of glitter and began sprinkling it throughout the sanctuary. I think the elders could see the value it added.

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