Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Decisions are the Spawn of Satan

I need advice. Which is nothing new in this world. Cause as we are all painfully aware, I cannot make a decision to save my life. Like last week I was fairly certain I was going to stop blogging. But now this week? No way. I need you all too much.

So let's just dive into the main issue at hand. Let's not mince words (or meat for that matter) and just lay it all out on the table.

Now I must place a disclaimer up front. As you read my perils of life below -- please restrain all judgement. Cause judgment is my kryptonite (so is spelling). Judgement is to me what water was the the Wicked Witch of the West. And I have no time for melting this morning. Amen.

And secondly, if I may be so bold, please see beyond my improper grammar and incomplete sentences and ill description to my heart -- and know that my heart here is my kids. And I need your help. Cause those spawn are gonna be the death of me. Mmm Kay? Do you agree? If not, it's okay. I still love and accept you and will listen to your words of wisdom. Thank you and good night.


That is what I need help with.


Now let me give you a tad bit of background without putting you to sleep. Hello? Hello? Anyone there? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller? It's that melatonin. It does it every time.

Okay, my history of Church in a nutshell:

  1. Went to church my whole life in a small country non-denominational church
  2. Great community. Great teaching. Great foundation.
  3. Moved to the Methodist church in high school cause they had a VERY active youth ministry and all my friends were doing it.
  4. Got married. Started at a medium sized charismatic church. It became the center of my life. All my friends. Activities. Services. Picnics. Prayer. Support. They carried me through two miscarriages, pre-cancer surgery, and IJ's deployments. They were not only my church but my community. MY FAMILY! They put their love and actions where their mouth was.
  5. After 7 years-ish, we had a change of Pastors.
  6. IJ and I went on staff
  7. Still a great church.
  8. Still doing great things.
  9. But we soon realized this was not the God we knew.
  10. So we quit. Got back in the Air Force. And moved to the Deep South.
  11. Where we have been trying to heal. Not from God. But from people. GOOD people. But still, trying to heal.
  12. Now we need a church ... for relationships both upward and here and now.
  13. For potlucks and BBQs. For baby showers and graduations. For church camps and coffee.
  14. We need community again.
  15. We need OUR KIDS in church.
  16. And we have a decision to make.
  17. And I need you.

There are two churches. I will try to lay them out as honestly as I can. And there will be my biases, but it is my blog and we are try to read through them.

1. The Far Far Away Church

The first item up for bid is the Far Far Away church. This is a church about 30 minutes away on Sunday mornings (45 to an hour in weekday traffic). It runs about 3,000 people and I LOVE THIS CHURCH. Great teaching. GREAT kids classes. ET's BFF in the neighborhood goes there. She likes the church. We all like the church. But it is BIG. And we have been going for 6 months and have met no one. And except for ET's neighborhood friend, no one goes to the same school. And they do school groups and school bible studies and well....she really has no place. And I really cannot take her to Wednesday night services because it is just too far away. There is not adult small group that serves our "area" so we would have to drive another 30 to 45 minutes to get into a small group. Back home, 30 minutes was nothing. Here in the city - 30 minutes is a whole new world. So the main draw back of the far far away church is this -- After 6 months we are still visitors and anonymous. And I know me -- I do not think this will change. It is just too far away. So if we go to this church -- we would have a GREAT experience for an hour a week. And the occasional camps, and Youth Events that I would try to get ET to. She did go to church camp here and she likes it.

2. The Super Close Church

  1. 5 minutes from my house.
  2. About 200 people
  3. Good children's programs but no the flair and games and "show". NOT that it is about that, but I want my kids to WANT to go to church. MT has asked to go back to the other church. And I know he was learning there.
  4. A group of 12 in ET's Middle School group. They are meeting on Sunday's for Bible Study one week then they go into the kids' class and teach it the next week.
  5. An opportunity to be VERY involved.
  6. I worry my kids will not be as excited about being involved or that they will not get "what they need"

And that is all I have. Disjointed. Confused. And

So what do you think? Help me Rhonda!

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