Wednesday, September 1, 2010

BT's B-Day

Ah -- the infamous five-year-old birthday party. I think we are painfully aware of THE major topic at a five-year-old birthday party. The focal point. The center piece.

Some may say it is the birthday boy -- in all his glory. That is where all eyes are. The birthday boy is the center of the five-year-old birthday party. The celebration of procreating this precious life and bringing him forth into the world -- that is what it is all about. A time to remember and give thanks that this precious soul is not in our midst. Making our lives better and bringing forth joy into the hearts of many.

To you, my dear friend, I would say "Good guess -- but -- No no no you silly, silly boy."Some may say it's the gifts. To a five-year-old the gifts his friends com baring is exciting and appreciated. The anticipation of hot wheels and nerf guns and Star Wars ships -- well, it is almost more than his little soul can take.

But again, I admire your persistence, but Nope Diddley Ope. It is not the birthday boy nor is it the presents. Ah -- to be so naive still is sweet. Some may say it is the ice cream. The rich creamy cool refreshment. To you -- I would say -- You are getting warmer. But the true focus is on {insert drum roll please}

THE CAKEThis my dear sweet angels is where all attention is turned. THE CAKE is the Godfather of birthdays. the cake is the I Ching. The Cake is the sum of all wisdom. the answer to all questions. THE CAKE.
And the MAIN question all the cake attendee mothers have is the following. It sends shivers down my spine. It raises the hair on my back (not that I have hair on my back, and not that I judge woman who do -- just sayin. I love and embrace all)
And it is stated in the ever so I might be judgin you tone, "Did YOU make that cake?!?!?"
But this year I prepared with one simple answer....
I think that said it all. Amen.

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