Saturday, September 4, 2010

Three Songs For Your Day

There is just something about music that ignites my soul. It sets my mood, speaks my language, puts a little boogie in my step, and showers glitter upon my life. I have made no secret about it here on this silly little ol' blog -- that I big pink fuzzy heart with glitter love music. With Dr. Pepper on top.

Music speaks for me when I just can't find the words.

I came across this song last week that makes my cheeks do the cadence -- left, left, left right, left. It makes me get barefoot, alone, and twirl. And by alone, I mean for every one's sake I hope they leave before I get my groove on. Cause I feel carefree and -- well-- happy. And like I could qualify for Dancing with the Stars. I'm just keepin it real.

I must warn you about this song, for your own good. You will have no control. You WILL dance. You WILL be happier. You WILL let loose and act like a fool. And if lettin loose and acting like a fool is wrong, I don't know if I wanna be right.

So go here to be showered with youthfulness and feel carefree. Do it. Pronto. Right now. If you wanna.

There are also times when I am as frustrated as the day is long. When people push me to my limit and I put on my OH YES I AM SERIOUS face. In moments like these...I sing out this song. And I say go on -- hit me with your best shot. I just dare ya. Nanner nanner.

And once I hammer that one out and get it all out -- I feel at one with the universe. I have been cleansed. Ahh uhmmmmmm. But soon I realize you cannot play that song without considering another. You just can't.

The, I turn on this song. To remember that there is no one I wouldn't love if only I knew their stow. I forget that at the core of all ugliness and hatefulness is simply a person -- that has been places I will never understand and have endured things I will never know -- and is valuable. Sometimes -- too often -- I forget that. So I turn that on and listen to it over and over and over -- and sometimes over again. Until, I remember -- I remember to quit judging myself by my intentions and others by their actions. To quit believing the worst and start expecting the best. To remember that only I hold the cards to turn things around. And there is only one person in this world I can control. I remember that if I catch any of us on our worst day, it wouldn't be pretty. Especially if I don't have my hair curled or my Dr Pepper lip gloss applied. Again, I'm just tellin it like it is.

This song reminds me that at the end of the day, life is about others. No about my ambitions, my feelings, my desires, but about making sure if I am succeeding and learning and doing good, that I am bringing others along with me. To make sure that the path in life is WIDE not narrow. It is wide because so many people walked it WITH me...BESIDE me...and I should even carry some with me. I never want it to be narrow and lonely. I never want to elbow and push everyone out of the way...I have an abundance mentality and there is more than enough room for all.

That's what music does for me. These three songs bring joy, release and healing. So go forth and let them make your skirt fly up too.

I love each and every one of you. Go make a difference in the life of others today!


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