Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Beseech You Dear Brothern

Soooo -- we bought a new house. And as you may recall the drawings from my AMAZING Portuguese architect But if not, let me recap, cause I think we have all drank Cupcake since then...and we all know the affects of my beloved Cupcake.
Anyhoo, IJ's orders for the Deep South were only for 2 years. And those 2 years were up. And in those two years, we had found a neighborhood we loved (the ladies have wine exchanges here, enough said) and the spawn had a school they loved, and my job? I big pink fuzzy heart with glitter love my job. And the most important thing of all -- there is an Ann Taylor and Cole Haan less than 10 minutes away. I am a good Christan woman and I have my priorities right. Amen.
So when we found out that we would more than likely probably be moving to a new house in a new town in a new city in a new state in a new time zone -- I did what any mature, executive woman would do-- except I am from the south-- I locked myself in my room with 8421 boxes of Krispie Kreme and several bottles of Cupcake and refused to believe reality.

And I cried.

And IJ fixed it all -- as he always does.

He sacrificed his career and made a career change for the mental heath of his dear sweet precious wife. He's a keeper.

And as luck would have it -- God's grace and mercy shown down upon us and the house at the end of the cul-de-sac went on the market. And we got a great deal with everything we want.

The twerps will not have to change schools. I still get to keep my neighborhood friends and my job....and ....

We have to remodel.

So, I need your help.

Cause we are all painfully aware that I cannot make a decision to save my dear sweet precious soul.

Let's start easy --

The kitchen.

Here she is.....As you can see the kitchen/living/and breakfast nook are all one shot. I need your help with the cabinets, counter tops, sink, appliances and back splash. When IJ asked me I said YES. He then just stroked my hair and put me to bed. It is a usual occurrence at our home.
So first things first -- the cabinets?
I either want to do Bisque Glazed Cabinets -- (note these are not my cabinets, but just a sample pic I pulled off)
Or a distressed wood rustic looky thing... (note the below pics are samples from our cabinet guy, Juan. I love him with all my soul.)

I have gotten stainless steel appliances and a farm house apron sink....
I had decided to go with the white glaze but IJ felt like there was no going back with that. And let me be real honest -- IJ is a real trailblazer -- he loves bright bold colors, like mocha. I'm telling you -- something like RED would just make him go nine kinds of crazy and we would have to sedate him with whiskey and women -- hmmm, maybe I should paint it red and buy him a spittoon and get a flapper dress -- just sayin...
Sorry -- I digress.
So -- I need your help..
White bisque glazed -- or....
Distressed Glazed Oak
Until you decide I will be dancing the flapper dance in my backyard....
with some Cupcake.....
Go forth and choose......
Save me from myself.
Flapper Dancin Country Girl in Need Of Cabinets

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