Friday, December 31, 2010

Smile And The Whole World Smiles with You

I know. I know. We are all expected post of Christmas morning in jammies and sweet smiles and sleepy eyes. But when have I ever been predictable?

I have been gone. And probably to no ones tragic dismay - but nonetheless, I have missed you. Terribly.

I have been in a state of chaos that only I have put myself into - pushing myself too hard a work, trying to solve all my family problems, and looking for the perfect lipgloss shade. All impossible missions.

Anyhoo, I did the unthinkable. the unbelievable. the so un-CG -- I took 2 weeks vaca and stayed HOME! My new home -- that we just remodeled (almost done) -- that took 3 months. (Here is the old -- wait until you see the "new" home tour video.....arg, I gotta make my bed first.)And let me just tell you like it is honey child. I love and embrace all but my contract workers are as slow as molasses. IJ thinks they were in no hurry cause I made them cookies and muffins. But when they left their earplugs in AFTER the heavy machinery was gone and it was only me talking....I got the hint. Just sayin.

Anyhoo -- I have missed you but I have gotten a big healthy dose of PERSPECTIVE in my life. And learned to SLOW down. At least for a month or so - cause that is about how long my lessons last.
But I thought I would share some of my lessons with you. How I am cutting back, letting loose, being easy and breezy, going free.....

1. I still have not sent my Christmas Cards out....but I am going to -- in January. And I will sign each one
~ Happy Holidays. I know they are over. I celebrate all year. Go forth and glitter.
Please don't judge me... CG

2. I learned to turn my frown

Upside down....

3. I learned that even if it is winter - if you have a beautiful day you should strip down to your underwear and go to the creek with a friend. IJ thinks I missed the lesson here. I think he is just jealous cause my underwear is cuter than his. Then he rolls his eyes at me, stokes my hair and says something like, "You're so Pretty"

Deep down he loves me.

Anyhoo - spontaneously spending time with friends. And not caring what we are wearing or if we have showered (Ok, I shared too much, I have that nasty habit) but just laughing and kickin it up.

4. I learned that sometimes, a trip home is just what the doctor ordered.for me and for my spawn....5. I learned that when I'm smiling - and I keep on smiling -- all my spawn smile withe me.

And when I'm laughing - belly laughing - the sun comes shinin through.

But when I'm crying - I bring the rain - so I gotta cheer up and keep on smiling

Cause my whole world will smile and laugh and big pink fuzzy heart with glitter LOVE too.

Anyhoo - I have missed you all -- AND I AM BACK. (but not it shimmery shiny pink sequins with taffeta puffy sleeves. Cause I truly believe the 80's are coming back. they were Jesus' favorite era and all. I know cause he told me. Amen)

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