Monday, January 3, 2011

The New House Version 1.0: I know the fact that this is a series excites you all. Right? Hello? Anyone? Mom?

Good morning my lovelies. I thought I would give you a little mini tour of a portion of my house. I only cleaned this part so you will only see a couple rooms. I clean in stages so maybe I can shove some stuff under some beds for later this week.

Anyhoo, we have the main level mainly done. Mostly. Kinda. And I just big pink fuzzy heart with glitter love our contractors. And while they do not understand my language ( they understand English, just not the version I speak) I think they have come to love and appreciate me. IJ would roll his eyes at that statement and disagree...but he should get his own blog cause this is my rainbow and kitten world. Amen. So as you know, we moved just a few houses down in our neighborhood. So I can keep my same friends that love me for the Cupcake drinker that I am.

Now for a few before and after picks. I took these the day after the former owner (who is as sweet as molasses) moved out....

Before #1 ...
After #1 (and yes, I know I need shades on my chandelier. I ordered some burlap ones from Pottery Barn but they are on backorder until Jan 31. Obviously, they don't read my blog or they would have rushed them Surprising)...Before #2 ...After #2 ..
(you can kind of see the beams we added into the living room -- I big pink fuzzy hear with glitter LOVE these. Amen.)Before #3 ...After #3 ...Here is a little better pic of the beams. Let's call them Big Pink Fuzzy Heart with Glitter Beams. I'm going to make the contractors say it....and record it. I'm certain they will do it cause they love me. Right? Right? Hello? Anyone....I'm not a big fan of these bar stools and I am going to be super generous and give them to IJ once his basement is complete. He just doesn't know it yet. But I will put a bow on them and mistletoe. Then he will be all like WHY I DO DECLARE CG! I JUST LOVE THEM TO PIECES YOU SWEET ANGEL. Cause he talks like that to me all the time. It's just how he rolls. This is a little bit of a closer up for the desk area....
You can't really see it here, but these are distressed. And the granite is SUPPOSE to look like grained wood. I did what Dana told me to do and went with a lighter granite on darker cabinets. And I squinted my eyes (like she said) and it did not all blend into one color. Right off the breakfast nook is a little deck (that needs to be refinished? Is that what you call it? Restained? Restripped? Reglittered? Yes, I will ask the contractors to reglitter it. I'm certain they will know exactly what to do.)
Anyhoo - it overlooks our backyard...
Which has a creek that runs through the middle of it -- if you can see it. Squint your eyes and make whooshing sounds with your mouth then you can see it. It works every time.See? You can see it now can't ya? IJ also built a fire pit. And he beats his chest and roars when it ignites. And bellows FIIIIRRREEE. Like in Cast Away, but without the beard. And the beach. And the stranded on a deserted island thing. But other than that, exactly the same.
Anyhoo -- this is what happens in the creek ...This leads to the basement. I want to find an old barn door and put it on tracks here that slide. When I tell IJ that he rolls his eyes at me. I have come to understand that means he thinks it is the BEST idea in the whole wide world and thinks I should get started on it right away. No matter the cost.
One of my favorite things about my house is the farm house sink. It reminds me of my great grandma and Auntie. And I love them and miss them. And I pretend I can just like them. And use labels that say Smuckers. But other than that, exactly the same.
Here are a few other quick little views of the downstairs.... Guest Bathroom...

Playroom --
I may or may not have been playing with the castle this morning.... Maybe. Entry ..
IJ says if I bring one more old rusty thing into this house he is going to yank a knot in my tail. I only giggle. Cause I think I might like that. :) (BTW -- that old phone was my great grandma's) Anyhoo -- we wuvs it. And more to come....but now I need you all to come VISIT. We have the room and we want you. So who will come first? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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