Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Here a Wattle. There a Wattle. Every Where a Wattle Wattle.

Yes, these are pics of my children with a chicken. I know I began a series on my new house - but I think we were all painfully aware I would not finish what I started. I like to shake it up a bit - but not too much - cause things shake and jiggle on me that didn't 20 years ago -- so before I go shaking things up now-a-days, I gotta put on my Spanx first. It's the law. In 13 states.

Anyhoo - when you open this post you may be all like Uhm -- exsqueegie me CG. I baking powder? uhm -- Really? A chicken? Puh leez tell me, "Why is BT holding a chicken?"
Or better yet, "For all that is good and holy in this world, WHERE in tarnation did that chicken come from?!?" I know. I know. You just never quite know about me.
Or possibly you are saying. "My, my, my Miss Chicken, what big Wattles you have!" IJ says that to me sometimes too. I KID! I KID! Kinda.

Well, if you say that - it is kind of silly cause we all know she would say, "The better to wattle you with my dear!" It's what I say to IJ too. I think we all know what that means, he just rolls his eyes and walks away. It's the only way he can resist this Spanx wearing jiggler. (Contain the jealousy.)

But that's okay - I am not judging you for your silly Wattle questions. It happens to us all honey child. We all ask silly questions every once-in-a-while.

Like when IJ says, "Honey, don't you think that is ENOUGH lip gloss?"

Silly silly boy.
Anyhoo, these chicken pics lead to many, many questions. Like why a chicken? And are your boys wearing the SAME SHIRT? And where is ET? And will Josh ever marry Reva Shane for good and move back to Tulsa?
Sorry. All these questions. None of which I have answers for. Except the wattle one, but let's not digress yet again.

The only thing I can say is our chicken obsession runs in the family. It is a curse from many generations past.

This is a pic of my Great Great Uncle. I. kid. you. not. For shizzle.
I think that says it all. It's all in the Wattles. Amen.

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