Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mya Husband Isa Italian Pizza Maker

One thing my spawn love to do with us is cook. Mainly due to the fact this secures the question of whether they will eat or not. Because if judgement is being withheld and all - Hypothetically, I might have kinda maybe been known to possibly forget to make supper before. Maybe. If you ain't judgin and all. Apparently, what I have learned is man cannot live on Dr Pepper Lipgloss alone. I know, I know - surprised the heck outta me too.

Anyhoo, BT LOVES to cook with us. And since IJ spent his burly strapping high school years working in a pizzeria - he thought he would pass on his skillz and legacy tonight. I just love it when IJ passes on his skills. Especailly when the side affect is supper.

Since I have already passed on my bad sillz to BT, I just sat back and took pics...what skills you may I ask? Uhm DUH, nunchuck, bow hunting, and computer hacking skills, of course. Kids only want moms with great skills.

Anyhoo - IJ passed on his pizza skills today. And he turns into an Italina New York man. It's a alla in the flicka of the wrista, Bee-a Tee-a... Famalia -- come gather round so you can see your papa at work - be proud. be in amazed...Be amazed... this spwan, this is how it is done. Aren't we a bonding??Uhm, exsqeeze me...MT? MT!?! Are you playing your Nintendo DS?!?!?Fine then. We will stick with the child who shows a glimmer of hope for the pizza industry. It's a like this BT....
Now it's your turn -- up and twist. Up and twist. Here we go... Up---
Ahhhh ahhhhh AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!CATCH!YEAH!!!!
Now for the pepperonis.
Uhm, BT quit eating the pizza toppings. BT! Quit. Eating. The. Pepperonis. BT!!! Lord have mercy child. What is that in your hands that you are eating?!?!?!?
But when it is all said and done....he is Oh So Proud. And his daddy thinks he might be the next Papa BT.Burp.

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