Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just Eat It.

This strange white manna began falling from the sky in the deep south on Sunday and behold us Southerners were joyous and perplexed as school was canceled and play was on!

We all have different reactions to this rare seasonal occurrence.....

Some are joyous and elated...This experience brings awe and wonderment.

Some fall down in disbelief and recreate angelic expressions in thankfulness to the heavens.Others have curiosity -- WHAT IS THIS? And we ALL know if you don't know what it is there is only way to solve the mystery -- EAT IT! and 20 minutes later if you are still unsure -- EAT IT AGAIN..
To each their own. Amen.

- my little dare-devil wasted no time at all... he was slipping and sliding and racing all the way home.
And soon he lured his little brother to do the same...Trust me...it will be fun.You will be safe.Nothing can go wrong.Probably. Ooops.Well, that did not go as planned, let's try it again. Let me go down with you this time. I will keep you safe and sound...And spray some snow in your face so at least you can eat some more while you are down there.Heaven help us.
But all in all we are having all too much fun. From this manna from heaven.

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