Thursday, March 24, 2011

Conversations with IJ

ME: What exciting and adventurous happened to you today?

IJ: Nothing much

ME: So what do you wanna do tonight that will be exciting and adventurous?

IJ: Whatever

ME: You want to paint my toenails?

IJ: Not so much

ME: You want to bake a 3 layer cake and bedazzle it with pink icing and gems? Then we can sing happy birthday to each other and blow out the candles and I can wrap up some random item in the house and give it to you as a present -- and while I am doing that you can run out to Ann Taylor and buy me a real gift -- with shoes. How about that?

IJ: We can

ME: What is up with the fact that I can talk for hours on end and say the longest sentences known to mankind and all you give me in return are 2-word sentences?

IJ: That's all I have to say.

ME: I know but don't you want to make things interesting? To feel the excitement of the day? To glitter things up a little?

IJ: No

ME: Well I love to embezzle a story

IJ: Embellish

ME: Huh? What? Come again?

IJ: Embellish. You love to embellish a story.

ME: That's what I said.

IJ: No, you said embezzle.

ME: Whatever. There is no difference. Embellish. Embezzle, Poe tate o's Poe tat o's. Details Schmetails.

IJ: That's why I use fewer words.

ME: Why?

IJ: I sound smarter.

ME: U hurt. Embezzler.


Anonymous said...

Made me laugh

The Unconventional Doctor's Wife said...

HHHAAA hhhaaaa! You make me laugh!

gramps said...

Glad to have you back

Weekend Cowgirl said...

Very cute!

rainboy said...

haha nice one