Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lucy: I Think She Rescued Me

Once upon a time when my precious angel children were 3 and 4 we did a silly silly thing.

A thing that was nonchalant and carefree. A thing that we KNEW would never come to pass. Like high school graduation and stuff like that. It just would never happen to MY kids cause they were never gonna grow up. Amen.

So on a carefree simple day something silly happened -- we kinda maybe possibly mighta promised the spawn a puppy. Maybe.

We mighta said that when BT is 5 and MT is 7 -- we will get a dog. It seemed sensible and at the time -- far, far away. Like a galaxy I once knew. Just call me Princess Leia. IJ does it all the time.

It seemed that 5 and 7 would be a day in the distant future in which children were responsible and Dr Pepper lipgloss was available to the masses. It seemed this distant date would be one of no worries.

Where all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops.

And all the snowflakes were wine glasses and Cupcake.

Oh yes -- oh what a day that would be. A day of peace and love for all.

But suddenly - that day was upon us. MT will turn 7 in February and BT is already 5. And it is like super creepy weird how when you say something ONE time and make a little statement about "Oh sure we will get you a dog when you turn 7" it becomes seared in their tiny little minds and they bring it back up to you in some "remember -- you promised" kinda way. Like I am suppose to do everything I promise. Sheesh.


Anyhoo. The Year of the Dog was upon us. Amen.

And I tried to convince my spawn that it was the Year of the Beta Fish

Or the Year of the Pet Rock

But they were not buying it.

It's like they are Chinese or something.

And I am Tiger Mom.

Sorry - I digress.

Anyhoo -- We were at a friends house one night and someone started talking about this little beagle they found abandoned and brought her home -- they were going to take her to the pound. And I was all like --

OHHHH By George I got it!

It is like when the light from heaven shines down upon you and you are impregnated with the best idea since sliced bread.....This was such a day.

I said....

Let us watch her for the weekend and my three children would see the responsibility and effort and early morning walks this creature would require. And Lord knows at the end of the weekend they would want to send her back. And we would then get a Pet Rock. IT WAS BRILLIANT!

Mu wa ha ha ha ha ha ha

{{Insert my devious plan and evil laughter while rubbing my hands together}}So they brought the silly little canine over -- and I propped my feet up with a glass of vino and some bon bons and shouted short orders to the dog whisperers...

Lucy needs to go outside

Lucy needs fed

Lucy needs a bath.

Lucy is in the sky with diamonds

I kid. I kid. I really didn't say that.

That would be silly.

I sang it.

While dancing.

But there is no need for details.Anyhoo -- the strangest thing happened -- my plan began to backfire.....they were doing it! And More. Without COMPLAINING! Who are these strange children?

And Lucy was no normal dog. She did not chew. She did not bark. She did not potty in the house. And -- she loved PINK!
And glitter... Obviously she was trying to steal my heart. I was NOT letting it happen.
Until -- UNTIL -- I saw this.....She loved my boys. Fiercely -- and they loved her. And how could I not rescue her from a life of cages and loneliness -- how could I not love her?
Cause at the end of the day -- she knew what life was all about -- OTHERS. And she rescued my heart. And now I love her.
Puppy Twerp!


SouthernSass said...

What a precious puppy! Lucy is lucky to have such a wonderful family - and you are lucky to have her. Rescue dogs are the best, and beagles make great pets. Congrats!

Loafer Mountain Primitives said...

OMG, I wanna a Lucy!!!!
Oh wait, I have a whole pack, nevermind....
Please enjoy your Lucy while your waiting for your party to be reached.....(insert elevator music)
She is cute!

Melinda said...

Oh boy!!! :) Been there, done that...
They say you always find true love when you arent looking..

Annette said...

How sweet! Those little puppy dog eyes will do it everytime! You can't beat the love from a dog! I love how our dogs could care less if I was gone for hours or if I had just been out for minutes. they are always so excited,when i walk through the door! they make my day! as I'm sure your little Lucy does the same!

linzi k said...

I've been following your blog from all the way over in cotland and jut had to cmment on this post! We have 6 year old 4 year old and 7 month baby and just got ourselves a little year old rescue beagle. She i adorable but ours unfortunately seems to be the opposite to yours! chewing barking stealing every crumb of food she can find, ripping our trampoline netting when we turned our back for 3.4 seconds! But then she looks at us with those big beagle eyes and all is forgiven! Can't wait to hear more about sweet little Lucy! Keep us posted!

These Nine Acres said...

Little Lucy is so cute! What a great pup! I want to kiss her nose :)

Debra said...

Lucy is ADORABLE!!! I love her too!!
~~your Kansas friend, Debra :-)

Whit said...

Aww...Lucy looks like a sweetheart! I had a Lucy dog when I was a kid...she was my best friend! Hope your kiddos enjoy her to the fullest!


Weekend Cowgirl said...

She is beyond adorable. She is so lucky, but I imagaine you all are the luckiest ones.... I bet she will be a life time friend.

Niki said...

Dogs are so great! My pup can really cheer me up after a bad day. He's a Rhodesian Ridgeback X Redbone Coonhound.
Dogs have a way of stealing our hearts, no matter how hard we try not to let them.