Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Need China -- Not like Mandarin...Like Southern

It is Lord-only-knows what time at night. My children are nestled all snug in their beds, with visions of moon pies dancing in their heads....cause who doesn't love a good moon pie? If you have your hand raised, I am pretending I do not see it. Cause it would shatter me.

Anyhoo, my spawn are asleep...IJ is out of what productive thing do you think I am doing? Anyone? Anyone?

Laundry you say? Uhmmm Nope.

Meal planning? Ahhhh - Nah, not that either.

Drinking Cupcake? I think that is neither here nor there, thank you very much.

Watching Desperate Housewives of ATL? My My My. Well, now that you mention it...

Actually all of those things make WAY better sense than what I am doing. But I have been obsessed all day. Hours upon hours researching, googling, looking through Southern Living magazines (from up to 2 years past - thank GAWD my neighbor keeps them -- she is a good Southern woman and all)...potenialy neglecting my children and feeding them left over sushi....

Yes, I have been spending my day efficiently and effectively......

Looking for a China pattern.

I will stop there.

Let the wave of judgement wash over you...embrace it.....own please let it go. Cause judgement causes crows feet.

AND... judgement is my kryptonite.

So is bean soup -- but again....I digress.

So I am picking out a china and silver pattern.

Why? Why?!? WHY?!?!

I stopped asking that question of me a long time ago. I just accept me for the unexplainable woman I am. But with good shoe sense.

I need a china pattern....and while the Lenox with bold or silver bands is beautiful...and classic...and what all the bride website say you SHOULD get. I am sorry. I just can't be Columbus Circle and Apropos.

I need a flair for the dramatic -- like Ridgeway Queen Anne. Or some pink farmhouse toile. Or maybe 8 different setting cause I think I will like AT LEAST eight. And Lord knows I cannot make up my mind to save my life.

So -- alas -- yet again...I come humbly to your browser. And I ask for your help.

Do you have any good southern china patterns that scream out "EAT FRIED CHICKEN FROM ME COUNTRY GIRL." Or maybe on sassy nights it might say "MY WHAT BIG HAIR YOU HAVE -- I LOVE IT DAW-LING"

I think I could be friends with a china pattern like that.

I would name her Millie or Caroline and we would drink tea together. Indeed.

Anyhoo -- for you more refined readers out there....any suggestions...china patterns that emerge in your dreams as the china pattern for me? That screams -- I love potato salad with mayonnaise and pickled okra? Hypothetically speakin and all.

Thanks in advance for your support of my crazy wild hair up my (you know what) tendencies.

China Pattern Obsessor



Linda said...

In my house we use Chinet and the lake linen (paper towels) napkins :D

Seriously though, If I had to choose again I would go with something simple. Maybe even just white that I could add colored pieces to, like Fiesta ware.

Nicole Reiner said...

I just got married this summer and we registered for Belle Boulevard by Kate Spade. LOVE IT. simple but with some design. Its my fave

The Unconventional Doctor's Wife said...

Have you looked here??

Southern Bombshell said...

I have two that I love right now(not counting the tons of vintage patterns). The first one is Silver Applique by Lenox. I also like Noritake Birchwood pattern. The first one is flashier but the second is pretty and delicate. However BOTH are neutral and on sale at right now!

Wfeekend Cowgirl said...

I have a china fetish and have 8 different sets that are from family past.. I use different ones for different holidays. My favorite is a simple white that I use everyday. I can change it up with different colors and glasses and napkins... I have several sets of Johnson Brothers. They have some great patterns...