Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another Year - School 2011

Another school year has started. And I think mothers across America pause.

I know I did.

I paused because my heart really does overflow. And I think oh life! Why must you be filled with time?!?! It seems just yesterday we were taking ET to kindergarten. And when she put on her backpack she fell over from the weight.

Now she starts 8th grade and is saving for an iPad2 and wearing lip gloss. (And in a cruel twist on fate she is cool colors and I am warm - so we cannot share lip gloss. Oh curse the gods of gloss for their evil plots.)And while I am proud beyond belief - and am relieved our rocky adjustment is over - I have to push back the panic.

My days are numbered.

In four more years she will pack her bags for college. (Or I will pack them because she folds her shirts terribly which allow for deep wrinkles and unacceptable shoe allotments)

College. Did I really just type college?!?!?

I will cry. And be one of those moms that decorates her dorm room in shabby chic and bakes cupcakes for the first day and scrapbooks. Okay - maybe just blogs. I am certain she will be the envy of all her friends. (Buwhahahahaha)

And I will hide post it notes in her clothes that remind her I love her. Remind her of who she is. Remind her that who that is - is perfect. No change needed.

And that no matter what, I am proud. And lover her. And am honored she found me as a mother.

And then I will unscrew a bottle of Cupcake and bedazzle her room. And possible buy a cat. Or a motorcycle. Or a pink shimmer shine convertible that spews glitter from the exhaust. Cause that's what us super cool mom's of college students do. If I can afford it after tuition and fees. Okay, maybe a Jetta. Or a pineapple mojito. Burp.

And this one.
Dear sweet baby Jesus, deliver us in our time of need. This one. I wuvs him. He is me. Incarnate.
And he wears me out.

But makes me smile. And pause. And be better.

The curls. The dimples. The vocabulary. The heart. Oh the heart.

He loves others.
Except the girl who messed his hair up on the bus. So he scratched her.

And let's face it.

He comes from a long line of follicle endowment.

We big hair people have no tolerance for messing with such a sacred vessel -- the hair.


On MT's first day of school he wrote in his journal about all the things he loves. He talked about dragons and legos....but most of all he loves Jesus and God...above all else. And you all should too.
Sweet precious angel. With a hair complex.

And my baby -- BT. He started Kindergarten.
And you all know he makes the cut off by 3 days, but I still decided to hold him back and have him do kindergarten again. And when we explained this to him he had only one thing to say --

What you talkin about Willis?But then we explained the important mature reasons behind this decision.

There is no homework... And you get a longer recess.Now glitter and unicorns flow forth in Kindergarten.

So I walk on back to the house...humming Sunrise, Sunset. With a sense of pride and a longing for capturing this moment. The moment in which my babies are all under one roof. And innocence still reigns. And they love their momma. And leave dirty hand prints on the wall. And giggle in their beds at night. And still believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy (mostly). And want to please. And love without judgment. And accept without questions. And give without consideration for cost.

They are the epitome of perfection.

Except all the laundry they produce.

But I am so happy they are growing. But so aware of the window.

Now it's just me a Lucy back at the ranch.
She can't handle the showtunes and dance moves I do while getting ready.No wonder the twerps were so excited to get back to school.


Dana and Daisy said...

i love your mama's heart!
you had me sprinkling tears on my keyboard! Whish is kinda like glitter, i think.

Brandy said...

I've missed your blogs so so much!!

Can't believe how old your kiddos are now.

The Hill House said...

Hope your kids have a good start to the school year!

gramps said...

Thanks so much. Glad to have you back and I sent you a knowing smile

Samantha said...

I laughed out loud at your kids "escaping" to school..I very much doubt :)

Brittany said...

It was happiness in my heart when I discovered you had posted! * smiles *

Carrie said...

It's about dang time you came back! Wow...they have grown! :)

Kim said...

It's been waaaaay tooo long since you've posted! I hardly recognize the Twerps they have gotten so big. I'm so glad ET has navigated the bumps of adjusting to middle school!

jenn said...

so happy to see you again Country Girl! oh my, how they've grown....guess glitter is nutritious after all!! ;-)

One Fantastic Housewife! said...

Wow! They are all growing up! I just sent my last one to kindergarten AND I am planning a sweet 16! How is that!? Too fast!

Kila said...

Just came by to check on you and the kiddos. Hope the school year is going well. You did the right thing by holding back your baby. One of my boys was close to the cutoff, and I was going to hold him back in Kindergarten, but I didn't. I should have. He ended up repeating 4th grade. By 4th and 5th grade, you can really tell which boys are younger.