Monday, July 2, 2007

Biker Baby

I pride myself in my children's knowledge. They are so smart. No really, they are. They amaze me at times. Their vocabulary is always so advanced. Well, except for my baby. My baby knows about 4 sentences and repeats them on all occasions. The one is he stuck on at the moment is "Wanna ride it?" This is his reply to any motorized vehicle or animalhe sees. If he sees a tractor..."Wanna ride it?" A horse..."Wanna ride it?" A bulldozer..."Wanna ride it?' A zebra ..."Wanna ride it?" And his favorite....A motorcycle...."Wanna ride it?"

There have been many embarrassing moments in the parking lot as I am carrying a bow-backed baby kicking, screaming, and crying from a parked motorcycle because I would not let him ride it. He screams..."WANNA RIDE IT!!!" It is devastating. I am quite sure he will be in therapy one day due to his mother's inability to allow him to try new things.

Well, a teenager at our church recently got a motorcycle and my baby is in heaven. No more are the days of pining for adventures and rides. He now has adventure at his fingertips.

Just look at the smile on his face. He loves this thing.

I make sure we take time out to have a brief lesson on motorcycle safely. You should always have your helmet on. And a protective jacket. Safety first, baby!

"Yes, mom! Whatever you say. I love you so much I will always listen to your words of wisdom! Thanks so much for investing in me and taking the time to explain things to me so I can not only be safe, but educated." This is one of the other sentences he can say.
The last sentence he says often is, "Mom, my life would be great if you would have skipped over baby #2 and just had me. Now get him off my bike...NOW!"

Ahh, they love each other so much. That's my baby. He is so smart!

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Tammy said...

Our friends' little girl LOVES motorcycles, only she called them "Martycycles." My husband, Marty, rides a motorcycle, and she has always been enchanted by the bike.