Saturday, July 7, 2007

I Scream, You Scream. A Family Tradition.

We like ice cream at our house. Oh, the variety. There is butter pecan, mint chocoate chip, cherry limeaide, peanut butter cup, chocolate almond, banana split. Yum. Yum. But my family has a favorite. A rare gem to find. We just love vanilla.

Now I know what you are thinking. Vanilla is everywhere. But this is untrue. They have french vanilla, vanilla bean, home-made vanilla, vanilla coffee. I just want vanilla. Why mess with a good thing? My baby agrees.

He just loves vanilla too. Although I am unsure if he appreicates the different options of flavors.

He is just happy to have any sort of food. Food is his life. He is just like his grandpa!

A tragety occured however. My baby lost his love.
Being the good parents that we are, we rescued him my scooping it up and placing it back into his cup. A little dirt never hurt!

It builds him immune system. But what is that I hear? Another member of the family wants to enjoy the culinary delight.

See, our whole family loves ice cream. How sweet.


Stacy said...

I just love coming on here and reading your blogs Catherine. I come on here alot to see if there are any new adventures in the Dunn household. I wish I could tell stories as well as you do. Things happen here all the time which we like to say are "priceless" but I am not as witty in telling people about them. I always seem to leave out something and not tell it right. Anyway keep up the blogs cause I love to hear about the kids, their adventures, you and Indiana Jones.
Love ya

Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Awww - I miss Sonic. Haven't had one in years. Do they still serve the crunched up ice? I love their burgers. I know - greasy -- but they're so good.

Your dog is gorgeous (so are the kids, but then that's a given!).