Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It's Hot

It's August. It's Oklahoma. It's hot. It was 95 degrees tonight as Indiana Jones brought us home a watermelon to enjoy. The spawn were so excited.
Just look at him slicing that watermelon up for his kids. If we lived 200 years ago it would have a deer -- oh what am I saying -- Indiana Jones would have caught a big old bison. That's just the kind of man he is -- big and tough!

But fortunately, we live in 2007, so it was a watermelon. But he still took charge with that knife. That is how he keeps me in line -- with that same knife.
Our baby grabbed a piece right of that bat. This was no surprise to the family -- he has no eating issues.Our middle spawn was not too far behind. Although we did have to teach him not to LICK the watermelon, but to eat it. Who has to be taught how to eat watermelon?

My daughter was afraid of all the seed being spit out at her by her pesky younger brother so she took cover. That kid cracks me up.

Now back to Indiana Jones. Just look at the skill he has with that knife. Back in the 1800's, I would have been one proud pioneer woman. He is such a provider.


Shannon in Oklahoma said...

Okay, Catherine, this is really weird...I just happened to stumble on your blog!! It's a small world isn't it???? :)

Shannon in Oklahoma said...

I forgot to say this is the Shannon who taught with you at Westfall and whose mom was the principal next door to yours! :)