Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It's Still Hot

We got home last night at 8:00, and it was still 92 degrees. It was hot. The kids were red faced and sweaty. I, of course, was glistening and not a drop of perspiration adorned my face. I had also just washed all the windows and mowed the lawn while baking a cake for Indiana Jones' arrival home. It was a pretty light day.

The kids were whiney and miserable so Indiana Jones turned on the sprinklers. This was like heaven pouring down upon our family.

However, it was typical that our baby was no where near the water. Why? We have no clue why this fear is ingrained in him. We think he might have seen the Wicked Witch of the West's demise on The Wizard of Oz a few too many times. He spent his time in his protective cocoon.
But Indiana Jones and I do not care. No one is coloring on the walls, painting fingernail polish on the carpet, or eating suppositories. We are in heaven.

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