Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Lamas + Indiana Jones = True Love Forever

We discovered a new fact. I am not the only one crazy about Indiana Jones. As a matter of fact some little tramp gave me a run for my money. Just look at the hussy.

She is puckering all up and flaunting that platinum blond hair. It is obvious she dyes it. Look at the roots of her friend behind her...and the split ends. How can they go out in public like that?She tries to make her move into the car, but Indiana Jones is too wise for that. He has his eye on her. Then she makes her way over to my baby. The guts of this floozy. She gives him a little peck on the top of his head. Enough is enough. I just had to step in.He lured her in with the treat and then I rolled her head up in the window. She did spit on me and spew some lama curse words at me. But I think I showed her. Indiana Jones is my man, sister!

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