Friday, November 23, 2007

My Thighs Are Thankful

My thighs are thankful this Thanksgiving. They are thankful for Aunt Betty's Carrot Cake. It helps my thighs grow and see more of itself. They are so grateful. As a matter of fact, they are screaming for MORE, MORE, MORE! Who can deny them? I surly cannot. I made Aunt Betty's Carrot Cake for the first time this year. Let's just say my thighs will never be the same. My bottom is thankful for this cinnamon twist bread this year. I made the homemade bread and then Indiana Jones worked his wonders and created this masterpiece. By bottom is growing and growing. It is becoming a being of its own. Here IJ is in the process. Just look at those hands. Gawd, I love that man.This is what my heart is thankful for this Thanksgiving. All three twerps and an Indiana Jones. This is what they do while I slave away doing the woman's work in the kitchen. (or sit in the chair taking pics over and over again and saying," oh just one more." "don't pick your nose." "quit smiling like that!")This is what my middle twerp is thankful for this Thanksgiving. Pilgrim hats. But he is most thankful that he can eat them before the meal actually starts. Just look at those eyes. They melt me. Maybe they will melt away some of that carrot cake and cinnamon twist bread. Hmmm. My eldest twerp is thankful for pumpkin pie. This is the love of her life. Her all consuming fire. She looooooooves pumpkin pie. She got creative with it this year. She will be the next Martha Stewart.We had guests, we ate, we rested, we ate more. It was delish.
My eldest twerp set the table and was the coordinator for this festive event. Didn't she do a great job?
We all had a great time and are ready for LEFT OVERS!


Kila said...

The cinnamon twist bread caught my attention! Looks wonderful.

Great pie idea, LOL!

Your blue-shirted boy sure is adorable!

Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Looks like your family had a lovely Thanksgiving:).

I'm with your daughter; I love pumpkin pie!!

That cinnamon bread looks delish. How did you make it?? I'd like to try it out:).