Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Drive In

After the Thanksgiving festivities, my two oldest twerps were missing in action. My baby twerp squealed on them and made known their whereabouts. They were watching a modern day drive in.


Anonymous said...

Hey Country Girl!
I just found your blog...I'm 15 and I love this thing! I read pioneer woman sometimes and once in a while I'll look through the comments and click on random names and you were the lucky name today! You have such a cute family and you are so stinkin pretty. I live on a farm/ranch with my family. We raise crossbred, shorthorn and angus cattle. Just wanted to know how much I love your blog. Your new #1 fan, Lynn

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

gawlly Lynn, you are so like my new bff!

Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Just popped in to say thanks for the lovely prayer you left on my blog. I'm so blessed. (and, to answer you - I'm in a good place now;))

Still interested in the cinnamon bread -- it looks delish!!:)

Mapper said...

Linked to your blog from Pioneer Woman. I have been reading for a few days. I found this "Drive In" post downright adorable!