Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pilgrim Hats

The main ingredients: Chocolate Chips, large marsh mallows, fudge striped cookies, and yellow icing. (We used semi sweet chips, but I think milk chocolate would have tasted better.)
First open the bag of chips and pour into a microwave safe bowl.
Only pour a little less than half into the bowl. That should be plenty.
Nuke those babies for about 2 minutes.
Have a responsible, trusty guard keep watch to make sure they don't start spewing.While they are under safe watch, begin to take apart the cookies. If you let them set in your car for a few days and they have slightly melted together, you will have to use the twist approach to get them apart. But who in God's green earth would leave their groceries in the car for a few days? Not me. No way Jose. I am Mrs. Responsible.Place them stripe side down, chocolate side up. Then cover your marsh mallow in chocolate.
You can use a toothpick and have it fairly neat. Or just go ahead and stick your fingers in there and roll it all around. I opted for Choice #2.Then carefully center the marsh mallow over the hole of the cookie.
Once completed, pop them in the fridge to set. (PS That is NOT wine, it is that grape juice stuff. HONEST MOM!) Then you have all this chocolate left over. Oh what shall we do?Well, I just happened to run across this peanut butter. It just fell out of the pantry when I went to throw out this left over chocolate. One look and...."HELLO LOVER!""Come to mama!"Oh my, how did that happen?????

After about an hour, remove the hats from the fridge and begin to make a buckle on the fronts of the hat with the yellow icing. Be ever so precise and skilled. Voila....Pilgrim hats. And 2000 extra calories from the left over chocolate and peanut better scandal.


chocolatechic said...

Those are so cute.

Looks like you...errr... they had so much fun doing them.

I learned a little trick. After the chocolate has been melted, if you keep it sitting on top of a heating pad that has been cranked, the chocolate will stay melted.

Cristie said...

Those are way cute. My kids would love making those. Love your blog by the way.

Maria said...

How adorable are those??? I love the photos! Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope it's a good one for you and your family.