Thursday, July 31, 2008

BIG BIG NEWS -- Body Guard Wanted

Remember the days when you would stand in line 4-ev-er for concert tix. Ya know, you would camp out with some Dr Pepper and zebra cakes for front row seats to Backstreet Boys and Michael Jackson I mean Tesla, Page and Plant, and Van Halen.

Well the days have changed ladies and gents. No longer am I getting my sorority sisters together for concert tickets, camping out in the rain to see some washed up druggies, and standing in line for guitar pick seats...but now I am getting my hubby, a fanny pack, and some good texting plan and we have strategically combed the area with our color coded spreadsheets and pure determination for what is rightly ours. It is like the day after Thanksgiving, but minus the shopping...replaced with competition -- fierce completion.

And if you think some stoned college kids (NO, NOT ME) were bad, you should see.....


Here in my new state the Pre K program is state funded and works like a voucher system. All Pre K's are privately ran -- [meaning none are public or associate with the public schools in any way shape or form].

So, what school you get into is based on who you know when you get on the waiting list. And we were at a little disadvantage cause we did not get here until June and I did not figure all this out until mid-June and then I researched and toured and stalked and researched some more. The first school I wanted, we were 47 on the waiting list. Ahh.

But I settled on a school less than one mile from our house and when we toured it in late June and I could not get my kids to leave. They loved it, and so did I. So we got on the waiting list -- we were 12. Then I prayed and fasted, for like a whole hour...the fasting part. And called the next day and we were still 12. Ah!

So I baked cookies and sent cards and hired a hit man for the 11 kids in front of us - I kid. I kid. About the cookies.

Then I called last week and we were number 4...then I called Monday and we were...

still number 4.

But today, the phone rang in all it's splendid glory and...and...and...WE ARE IN. Did you hear me? We won. Oh, red knights goin down...down, down, down. [name that movie without cheating]

I peed my pants, but just a little. And tonight we have a MANDATORY parent meeting that if we miss, we forfeit our spot. I am taking a body guard.


CindyDianne said...

OH how exciting! What are you going to do with that little bit of extra free time? Laundry and Silver Sneakers Yoga? 'cause that dang laundry pile just never ends at my house.

Marchelle said...


you got me on the movie quote. i'm out.

Dana Jones said...

Oh hurray, go out early and make sure you have gas in the car and feed the twerps early and all! Good luck! I'll pray for your safety!

Becky :) said...

YEA that is such exciting news!!! Congratulations!!!!
And you're not lying....I would totally take a bodyguard, they can be so ruthless!!! :-)
Good Luck at the meeting.

theotherblonde said...

Oh that's great! I'm so exchited for you! Here in the hicks, you have 2 choices - both good, both in a church, and no waiting lists. Hope it's a good year for BT

bakerchick103 said...

Hmmm.. Just pulling this outta the air...Monty Python and the Holy Grail? If that's like so totally wrong, it's scary, just go ahead and laugh. Really. I'll be okay.

spanki said...

you go girl! i only can dream of the day i have to myself!!! what will i do? oh, please post and let me live through you for the next four years! we just did the math on my daughter, and being as i am so good with numbers, i had it figured out all wrong, i thought she'd be a freshman while the twins were seniors, come to find out, she will be in eighth grade, so basically i have no use for her anymore, need a daughter?? kidding, but i am still stunned, where did i go so wrong???how can this be???

Adrenalynn said...

Just back from vacation and reading all the 197 items in my google reader... congrats!! And it's The Cable Guy - duh!!