Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random Updates

  1. Change of plans for tonight -- got a phone call -- BIG BIG news.
  2. I will share this BIG BIG news soon
  3. And you will be all like She calls this BIG BIG news
  4. And then I will say ... HELLO YES
  5. Cause I am a SAHM desperately seeking a life
  6. We will be having left over spaghetti bake for supper
  7. Spaghetti bake is always better on the second day
  8. At least that is the story I am selling to my family
  9. I love spaghetti bake supper night
  10. It spreads its love for two nights
  11. It is a lover not a fighter, we relate like that and all
  12. Going school cloths shopping Friday night
  13. For Eldest Twerp, not me -- just thought I should clarify
  14. Tax-free weekend
  15. Someone tell me what is cool and a must-have for a 10-year-old Fifth Grader
  16. Oh my, I am SO excited about the change in plans for tonight cause of the BIG BIG news
  17. Suppose to rain all day today
  18. Going to do laundry
  19. Lots and lots of laundry
  20. Cause I gave birth and brought forth to this world a bed wetter
  21. Which quadruples my laundry load
  22. Little Twerp
  23. I have been sick to my stomach for two mornings now
  24. Only strawberries help
  25. They are $3.89 a quart
  26. Why can't 59 cent Ramon Noodles help
  27. I am not pregnant
  28. That is all I am sayin


Jenn said...

hmmmmm.......can't wait to hear what the BIG BIG news is! Hurry back!

Becky :) said...

Way to keep us hanging on a string. Can't wait to hear the BIG NEWS. Dinner sounds like it would yummy.
As for the 10 yr old 5th grader and what she'll like. I'm thinking if you have a Wal Mart near you she'll like all the girl clothes there. My youngest is 10 and he loves to go get his school clothes there.

Marchelle said...

i wish we had a tax free weekend! alabama is having one this weekend too. i saw the signs at the outlet mall. =(

Brandy said...

My daughter is 12,at the beginning of the year she wants to wear these really cute girly outfits to school, then about after the 1st 6 weeks, she realizes shorts and a t-shirt are way more comfy!
Of course Target has really cute little girls clothes!
Have A Great Time Shopping! Be sure to post pics!


Ansbaughmom said...

Can't wait to hear the news. Tax free this weekend in GA too!! Good luck shopping and will be checking back soon!!

Wendy said...

Can't wait to find out the big news. I have a young lady turning 10 this Sunday and will be in the 5th grade....she's trying to be more "grown-up" in her attire (trying to be like her older sister) and anything that I say makes her look older, she loves immediately. Good luck with the shopping, I'll be thinking of you while I'm doing the same. I will need a Starbucks and a Valium though for battling the crowds.

theotherblonde said...

My 10 year old 5th grader loves Limited 2, but i'm on a JC Penny budget.

Dana Jones said...

Okay, holding my breath for your good news, but also, how about posting your spaghetti bake recipe? It looks so yummy!