Friday, August 1, 2008

First Period Gym

I feel like I just opened my freshman high school schedule to find...

first period gym.

a fate worse than death.

But in this instance, it is what I signed up for...I STALKED the PreK schools to find the perfect one and now that we are in...I feel like the schedule says first period gym. And I want to stay home with Middle Twerp and act like we are Peter Pan and will stay young forever.

Stupid first period gym. I guess we will just go ahead and get it over with.

This growing up stuff stinks.


Marchelle said...

well at least MT doesn't have to worry about his hair getting flat and his makeup running from sweat. that was my biggest issue with 1st period gym.

Nicole Mc said...

I had first period AEROBICS my whole junior year. Why even bother getting ready for school?? But man, i'd sure like to have somebody make me do that every morning now!!! Ok, off to do my Turbo Jam!! :)

Anonymous said...

My oldest starts junior high Aug 12Boo Hoo!!

I found out when talking to another mother who's child is a year older, they don't allow them to take showers after PE/Weight Lifting. YIKES! Let's hope he has 7th period weight lifting. I think they are trying to get the teachers to quit P-U!! Sweaty 12-14 year olds!!!!